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My 9 year old dog is a very fussy eater and we usually have to mix wet food in with his dry food to get him to eat but he always leaves some. This food he will eat on its own and devours it!
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Tried a few different dry foods for my 9 year old Lab who developed a sensitive tummy and none seemed to fit the bill until I found Bosch Senior. 2 years on and I wouldn't change it for the world! One happy, healthy dog!
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Bosch Senior Dry Food

The product is great value for money, particularly if you buy the economy pack. Our dog has pancreatitis and accepted this food very well. All in all we are very satisfied with this product and can only recommend it.
23/12/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Perfect for us!

Our 13 year old Labbi has always had problems with food. Either itching or too little stool or hair loss or too much gas. Since feeding Bosch Senior, all problems have disappeared into thin air! Coat is gleaming, he doesn't scratch anymore, stool is completely normal (and no more or less than before), and the best part is: no more digestive problems in the form of wind :-) the dog no longer has his own special fragrance. Conclusion: perfect for us!
01/06/14 | Sue
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Very good

I have 2 senior dogs a huge Spanish mastine at 64 kilos And a mixed breed medium dog. The lower protein still allows room for a daily treat with their medication not making me feel guilty. They have been on this for 5 years now but do miss the one with odour stop. Weight and health is good but am a believer in supplements such as omega 3 glucosamine and green lipped muscle so wish zoo plus had a better supplement section as all dogs have special needs on senior range. Price And quality seems excellent. Had a year episode of the mastine not eating And after a sacan discoverd I have a fussy dog so need to add low protein meat to it to encourage to eat and last 9 months a pleasure to feed them. One small help that has been enormous is the addition of extra virgin coconut oil. Wish zoo plus sold that. Expected loose stools but none and energy levels of both dogs increased which at their age is amazing fab to get them up And interested in food again Smaller dog likes the Likus wet food but big girl only has the top of the tin Hope this review helps others with fussy dogs
19/03/13 | Sally Moffatt
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Great food - good value

15yr old chocolate labrador is a different dog. His coat has improved, he has maintained a good weight, has more energy and seems less stiff. Recommended.
30/12/12 | Cecilia
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good and healty!

Very good food, my 7 years old dachshund loves it, and I do too, since Tea's intestinal health improoved a lot. Thank you!
06/09/12 | Chris Moore
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Great Value

Great value for money senior dog food. I have two fussy Labs both well into old age, they have been so much better since we brought this food, more mobile and no weight gain. Well balanced food at a good price.