04/08/17 | Sharon Morley
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Effortless weight loss for your dog

I bought this product after reading the description online. My Chihuahua and Jack Russell are 'food pinchers' and I was battling to find the right product for them both. Now, both of my pet's are down to their correct weight, and they love it. I wouldn't buy anything else now.
12/06/17 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Very good!

Our fussy mongrel eats it very well. Especially with "light" varieties of food, you often have the problem that animals eat badly or miss out on the benefits. Our bitch has now got a wonderful figure thanks to this food in combination with more exercise.
05/06/17 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Very tasty food

The first time we fed it we had two slightly overweight large dogs (winter weight!). The fat is already reducing and both seem to think it tastes really good too. Highly recommend.
03/06/17 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Very good food

When we got our 11 month old Labrador, he was eating dry food from another well-known company, but had diarrhoea. We then switched to Bosch food and have been on Bosch Light for several months. At last his digestion is as it should be. He has also lost around 3kg and according to our vet is at his ideal weight, which he is now maintaining. Our bitch previously ate Bosch food. We are very satisfied with it!
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Top dry food

We decided on Bosch after a long search for a new food to feed our very sporty dog. Because of his leishmaniasis and associated medication, he needs a low purine diet and/or a renal diet. We have tried several varieties and brands. But Bosch is great! The dog loves it, tolerates it well and looks good (shiny coat)
11/01/17 | Lloyd Morgan
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Excellent Low Fat food

This Bosch Light dog food , has slowly and effectively reduced both our overweight Pugs to their ideal weight and it is now being maintained easily. They both absolutely love the taste of it. I cannot recommend this dog food enough.
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Good pet food

Very good food. My dogs prefer eating this new diet food to their old food, so it must be very good. I only get my food from Bosch.
16/06/16 | Liina
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Bosch Light for 12-years old German Shepherd

I have senior German Shepherd dog. She is not overweight, but since older dogs have often problems with digestion, I tried this food. She seems happy and her coat is soft and shiny :)
18/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Very recommendable

My 8 year old Labrador suffers from being overweight and from osteoarthritis. He needs to lose weight as quickly as possible according to the vet. Between the middle of February and the middle of April he lost 4.5kg. I cannot recommend Bosch highly enough. When your dog has reached its ideal weight, the manufacturer also provides an indication of how much to feed in order to maintain. The price is also great.
15/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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No problems, super price

The food is happily eaten and shows good effects. Both of our Labs like it.
13/12/15 | Emma hancocks
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Excellent food

My chocolate Labrador loves this food I've started to see that her body shape is getting smaller and the weight is coming off, her coat has also benefited and is so soft was super shiny. Would definitely recommend it
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My elderly dog loves the taste of this food and is more satisfied after being fed, so is much more content.
14/07/13 | Tony Dearsley
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Excellent Food, Excellent service!

After trying many different brands of light dog food that had no effect on helping Harry our Bischon Frise lose weight we gave Bosch light a try and it really works, not only that Harry loves the food and his sister Sophie also loves the other flavours in the Bosch range. Really glad that we found Bosch dog food and the service give by Zooplus is excellent! 5 stars plus!!
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Bosch Light

Been ordering this product for my two Labs for a while now. Had them on Satiety Support which is so expensive that i searched high and low for a quality replacement. For me, this is it. Their weight is maintained and their coats are in tip top condition.
03/03/10 | Debbie
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Excellent product!

After gaining weight and then failing to lose it on other diet food, our female Cavalier has lost 2kg in recent months with this product and is now her ideal weight, even with treats! She always looks forward to mealtimes and soon polishes off all her food. Highly recommended.
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Bosch Light

Brilliant diet food. All of my 3 overweight dogs have lost weight without begging for food all the time. Excellent product.