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As soon as I opened the pack my terriers could not get enough of this food. Although always good eaters on JWB, I decided a change was due as they were bored with the blandness. Bozita was my choice after nights researching different brands, I am more than happy.
27/04/09 | Sabine
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5


Before feeding my 1 1\2 year old Labrador Bozita she had loads of problems and I was only able to feed her cooked chicken with rice. I started giving her Bozita Junior when she was about 4 months old after reading a review of dog food in a German magazine that recommended Bozita as one of the best dry dog foods around. No problems any more! Now she gets Bozita Original and she loves it! She looks healthy all around with a very shiny coat!