23/07/15 | Sheila Rosenthal
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Giant schnausers thrive on this

Really good product, less waste at both ends with this as the dogs love it and most of it gets digested! I feed it in 'slow bowls' which keeps the giants occupied and not bolting, even though the kibble is big they would gulp it down otherwise.And it's full of good things especially for big dogs
14/01/13 | LaineyTiffers
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Bought this for a change for my 2 Bassets. They are fed on raw, but have a small amount of complete to ensure they get all they need. This XL feed is absolutely their favourite so far! Helps slow their eating......slightly! Another thing they've never done with other completes is to eat the dry food as treats! Reckon we'll be sticking with this!
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My labrador really enjoys his meal time!

My overgrown labrador absolutely loves it! The size of the kibbles allow him to chew without gulping everything down. His coat is shining and he is muscular and strong. This is really a very good product, very good value for money too the high protein content it means that his nutritional needs are fullfilled with a smaller amount. I highly reccomend it.
20/05/12 | Sheila
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My Newfoundlands llove this food

I have three Newfoundlands who are all picky and indifferent eater but they reall like this food and have lots of emery and shiny coats. So they recommend it highly.