31/03/18 | chris
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Chris porthcawl south wales

Feed my two polecat ferrets on it their coats are shining like glass bottles teeth and gums white and healthy no tarter droppings are firm and both are in very good fettle and they don't smell because of their condition
09/01/18 | Mr Leslie Dennis
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Eukanuba large breed adult chicken

I have fed our newfoundland bitch on eukanuba twice aday from 8 weeks old and she loves it everybody comments on how beautiful she looks and has a beautiful soft coat would recommend this food.
10/06/17 | Charlotte Emily Smart
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It's great :)

We have a Vizsla who was pregnant and we started feeding her this during her pregnancy. I think she preferred this over her Pedigree dog food as she scoffed this down! I have noticed her coat got a lot shinier and she had a healthy pregnancy and 3 beautiful healthy puppies which will be fed this same product but in LARGE as the puppies seem a lot bigger than mum when she was a pup.
08/04/17 | Pat Mac
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Labrador Retriever Family

Cannot recommend Eukanuba more highly than this. Welcomed brother and sister Fox Red pup's into the family last year and all have thrived superbly, as they've been on this excellent food from the start. Coats are glossy, thick and very healthy and bone development is just as expected. Keep up the great work and we'll carry on spreading the word
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Bulldog Loves this!

My Bullsog absolutely loves this food! Great prices too, much cheaper than in the local shops. Would recommend to everyone and anyone. Doesn't make him poorly and it doesn't make a mess!
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A happy pouch

Our Japanese spitz/Lab Retriever/GSD has been fed Eukanuba since he was a puppy and has always enjoyed it. We often get comments on how lovely and shiny his coat is which I believe is because of Eukanuba
29/10/16 | Christine Knox
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Great Food & Zooplus Excellent

I have been feeding this to my labradoodle puppy since I got him ( he's now 3 months old) - he loves it, he is healthy and it has made a great difference to his coat, which is lovely & soft with a sheen to it which everyone admires. I have only just discovered Zooplus and highly recommend them - delivery was very quick and the food was well packaged. Many thanks for such an excellent service.
26/06/16 | Mariusz
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My dog love it,,

For me is the best food on the market,used to royal was the best now is to much fat in it,,eukanuba is just right ingredient,,
02/06/16 | Jeremy Walker
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Excellent - wouldnt consider any other dog food

Have fed Eukanuba to Sam my 5 year old sprocker since he was a pup. He is extremely fit and well and often get comments from other dog owners on how well he looks and what a great coat he has. Zooplus also continue to come up with the best price amongst other competitors to which makes me and Sam very happy customers .
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All round goodness

I am fostering two strays. Whilst healthy they were both skinny and not in top condition. The change in them is super. Really soft and beautiful coats now, happy and very healthy
06/11/15 | Jackiechan
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Great Value

Have been feeding my springer x poodle on this since 12 weeks - he loves it. Very healthy coat and bright eyes. Great value for money.
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top service

Very quick service full order tracking. The 15 kg bag was packed in a box to prevent damage to the bag. Free delivery and £20 cheaper than pets at home no brainer. I shall be using zooplus on a regular basis now.
20/08/15 | Diane Bell
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I was delighted to find this website, not only a great price, but even better, more bargains to be had by joining the super saver club. I was kept informed every step of the way regarding my order - which arrived very quickly. The service was excellent and the deliver guys - lovely. I also got a free gift for being a new customer..well done Zooplus!
05/08/15 | Dan Bowen-Jones
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Dog Bond Ltd

As professional trainers of many different breeds of dogs Dog Bond always advises the feeding of Eukanuba as it provides excellent quality, requires reduced amounts and is consistent in producing a happy and healthy dog with firm easy to 'pick up' feces. This product coupled with the excellent and reliable service from Zooplus provides both peace of mind and best value for any dog owner.
26/07/15 | Katherine Fairhurst
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Best by far!!

I have a Staffordshire bull terrier called Rocco, he's 19weeks old and is thriving on eukanuba puppy food. I have had no problems at all with this food, his coat is immense and he has a fantastic appetite, yes his breath is a little smelly but that is purely down to puppy breath too of which I'm not against. Zooplus offers fantastic delivery service and will continue to purchase for many years yet.
16/07/15 | shoana
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very good

Very good, see a good change in my dog when I put him on this food well worth it
04/05/15 | Lucie Soczowka
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Best on the market

No need to say more, really good food, glad, I have found food for all my labs what suit all their needs.
03/05/15 | James Carroll
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Brilliant dog food for my two labradors and even better getting it from zooplus who provide points and a superb delivery service no issues at the moment .
01/10/14 | Leon Gordon
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Great product for my american bulldog

this brand is been bought in bulk from zooplus because it has all the nutrients it needs for my American bulldog she weighs a healthy 46kg and is healthy and active always
07/01/14 | Mrs adamson
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Glossy soft coat

We have had our Labrador retriever on eukanubu since we got him at 12 weeks old, feeding him twice a day. He has the most glossy and soft coat, and the vets say he is really healthy, not only is dry dog food the cheapest way to feed your dog, but this dog food has essential vitamins that your dog needs, in my opinion. Very good value for money.