25/03/23 | Fani
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We used to eat Ami, but since they changed the ingredients and eliminate taurine and some more components, my baby girl couldn't eat it and since we started veggiedog she really loves it and until now everything seems normal.
07/01/19 | Jayne Dunford
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best food for my dog

My greyhound has very sensitive digestion. Since being on Veggiedog grainfree he has put on weight and does solid poo at last! Previously I tried everything to help his digestion and help him to gain weight. Now I have stopped his digestive enzymes, probiotic and slippery elm as he doesn't need them anymore.
14/12/18 | Iseult
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Great food

Very nice food, the dogs love it and they do well on it.
20/11/18 | Wendy and penny the dog
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Just about given up on finding a food to help my girl with her allergies all meats and grains i read the reviews thought I have nothing to loose so I ordered a bag and that was just over a week now and boy what a difference she's a new dog no scratching no scooting no biting paws no loose stools it's a miracle please please try if your dog has an allergy they will thank you for it and thank you for all the other reviewers I wouldn't of tried it if it hadn't been for your reviews
15/11/18 | Sarah Morley
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Little Miss FussyPants Approves

In the past 6 1/2 months of looking after my young 8kg Griffon mix rescue girl it's been tough finding foods that she'll eat. I was impressed with the list of ingredients and the reviews for this product and initially bought the 2kg packet. What a relief - she loved it! I'm still mixing in the remainder of her previous fish-based kibble but she always eats the VeggieDog first, leaving just a few bits of the fish-based stuff behind when she's had enough. Highly recommended.
04/11/18 | Louise oastler
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Best dog foodout there!

This seems to be the best meat free dry dog food out there that i can find, i love that i have heard of all the ingredients. My dog is a fussy eater but he eats all of this, just when i was going to give up hope finding the perfect food for him i find this! Highly recommend!
18/10/18 | richard noakes
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my boxer had a terrible skin problem itchy red always miserable then hey presto 2 years ago changed to this food what a difference Great coat no bad skin loads of energy he has it every day and never grows tired of it 5 stars
18/09/18 | Gabi
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My 9 years old girl loves this food. I have bought about 4 other vegan dog food brands without success. But from the 1st day she tried this kibble she can't have enough. Healthy food for my girl and smells amazinh.
16/07/18 | Barbara Rowley
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Excellent Product

I transitioned my nine year old rescue greyhound onto a vegan diet at the beginning of this year. Tried a couple of other vegan kibble a but this is the one I settled for. He has it for breakfast and evening meal with added home cooked veggies/lentils and relishes every morsel. His coat is silky and his greyhound bald patches have grown, I have noticed absolutely no decrease in energy levels or general health. I'm so pleased to be able to feed my dog a healthy vegan diet as I am vegan.
16/12/17 | Lilly
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Best Vegan dry food ever

My dog is allergic to most meats, dairy, soy and other things. I spent so much time finding the perfect food for her and this is it. First, she absolutely loves it, secondly it's vegan which also makes me happy. It all comes from natural ingredients. I would never change her diet now and even if my dog did not have these allergies, I would stick to the vegan diet and to this dry food as she adores it and she's in the best health and shape I have ever seen.
23/10/17 | Lina
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nom nom

My dog is so picky on food but this one is probably the most yummy food ever (I tried it as well :)). It smells good, size of pieces is good, they are not that much dry.
20/06/17 | Catherine
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Both my dogs love this food, they've been on it for quite some time now and they're thriving. Not only is it hypoallergenic, it's also cruelty free, vegan, wholesome and highly palatable compared to other brands. I also give them dog friendly fresh vegetables and fruit for treats to compliment their diet.
28/05/17 | Saran
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My dog loves this food!

I am so happy to have found a veg food my dog loves. He was never super into food, with this one his full bowl is empty 5 mins after he is fed, he used to leave food for hours when he was on the meat stuff. Just have make sure he doesn't put on too much weight since he is an older dog! One thing, I would love for this to be fully vegan, but it has lanolin in it, not the worst of all the non-veg ingredients. If you are considering trying your dog on veg, look no further! This food is perfect!
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Loving it

My jack russell and the italian greyhound in our family both love it and are doing really well on it. The greyhound who is always a picky eater especially loves this. It also smells soooo good!
27/04/17 | Dorothy
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I am absolutely delighted with this food. The transition from a meat based diet to a vegan diet has been completely trouble free for my Frenchie and two Lhasas - no tummy upsets and they loved it straight away! One of the Lhasas has suffered with itchy skin all his life, even when the food was grain free, so feeding has been problematic. Since he's been on Veggie Dog he's been totally 'itch' free. I couldn't be happier!
29/12/16 | Kelly Basford
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Great for allergic dogs

Best grain free veg dog food out there, My three look amazing on it and its been a huge help in clearing up my terriers skin problems and reoccurring ear infections. Highly palatable, and I've yet to walk a dog who doesn't view a pocket full of these as treats!
30/11/16 | Lina
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nice option

My malamutes loves it, even the real meat eater eats it without any problems, the other one which is more vegetarian really loves it. Both of my malamutes are show dogs, and they are doing just fine. Coat is really good.
29/09/16 | SoHo
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Best European, 99.99% vegan dog food

This is the best European, virtually (99.99%) vegan dog food currently available. The product is grain, soy and meat free. It’s made my dogs’ transition from meat-based to plant-based (meat once-a-week), super easy. My pugs (pic. uploaded) gobble it down – every last crumb – just as they did with their meat kibble. I phased the food in over a week & my dogs experienced no upset tummies or loose stools. Thanks, zooplus, for including an option for us vegan folk with hipster doggies. Cheers!
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Excellent food

After the veggie food I fed my saluki for 9 years changed their recipe which didn't suit my 12-year old anymore I came across this food. He loves it, less poos which are less smelly and his coat is starting to transform back to its former glory. He also seems to have more energy again. Even my meat eating dogs love this kibble as a treat.
10/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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I've fed my dogs this for over a year now and they love it! There have been fewer poos and they aren't as smelly. I had their bloodwork taken last week as they are getting on a bit (12 and 14 years old!) and everything looks perfect! I also really like the fact this food is free from soya, that's the reason I first got it. Thanks zooplus!