Excellent for my Chihuahua

She is as happy as ever. and her fur is great At first I thought she would not like it as she has been on an 80% meat diet prior to this one. But she loves it. She even wakes up in the night to eat occasionally. In the beginning she even tried building a reservoir of it under her blanket in case she would run out.

06/14/18 | Belinda Legate

Best food on the market

i have tried many grain and chicken free foods also white fish for my Bulldog due to skin problems nothing really worked and if it did it then cause tear stains or tummy problems, After 8 years i have found this food, This is the 3rd sack since Jan so it's great value for money, No skin problems, No unset tummy, No tear stains, My bulldog loves it, Now won't buy anything else


Even my Vet was impressed!

Changed to this Excellent Kibble because of skin issues etc, Dog loves it, easy to swap to with no tummy problems, Nice firm poos, Skin has started to improve, After telling my vet what food we now use she looked it up and in a phone call told me "i'm very impressed with your choice"


Relief for allergic dog

My Welsh terrier has numerous food allergies and is only able to eat oats, pork, venison and white fish. We had tried a couple of dry foods but he was still covered in hives and losing his hair. Within days of starting insect dog his rash had gone! His skin and coat is healthy and he's happy and energetic- insect dog has changed his life I'm so glad I found it.


Surprisingly popular

I need to reduce the meat content for one of my dogs with liver issues and this looked like the perfect choice. With two ridiculously fussy /delicate chi's I was not hopeful but this was instantly popular with both (not something I say often!) so VERY PLEASED. My only niggle is that I now spend my evenings cutting up kibble into small bitesize pieces as its very large for small mouths! Will try the veggie option next.

06/11/17 | Malena

Top grade!

My staffy absolutely love this food. And she looks really healthy. Shiny coat and keeping her weight nicely. Her stool is solid and the issues she used to have with smelly discharge from her glands is long gone as they now empty perfectly every time she poos. Bonus - I have a good conscience knowing this is a environmentally friendly pet food that supports my green way of life.


Excellent choice

This food is an excellent choice to replace regular animal protein . My dogs , one old and one very young absolutely love this food. Shiny coats. Has cured older dogs skin itching and digestions on both seem very good as poos are solid and healthy . I recommend this dog food because it's healthy and environmentally sound too. Well done green pet food. Hopefully it will become cheaper soon as more and more people demand protein from insects.