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Bits are far too big

This arrived quickly, and when I opened the pack, my puppy sniffed the air and ran over. However, he is a little Maltese of 21 weeks and the pieces are far bigger than the picture shows, with most between 3 and 4 cms - far too big for his little mouth. They are also too hard for me to break up easily, so I cut a few with poultry shears and he loved them. But I have very arthritic hands, so cutting them all is neither possible nor practical. So they will be given away.
21/08/17 | Jade
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Did not agree with my Labrador

This diet gave my 3yr chocolate lab terrible diarrhoea and made him drink excessively. It looks good quality and he scoffs it down, but just doesn't agree with him.
21/08/17 | Jade
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Does not agree with my lab

I bought this food after reading multiple reviews but have found that it gave my 3yr old chocolate lab awful backdoor trots! I eased him onto the food gently but it still didn't agree with him. Have also noticed excessive drinking since he's been on this diet and not sure if it's connected to the ingredients. The food looks good and I'm sure it's good quality, but it's just not for my boy.
13/12/15 | Catherine
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Mixed results

Having switched from acana both my dogs love this food, my gsd's stools have been very good as he suffers from runny poops but there has been an extreme increase in thirst which has resulted in accidents. Hoping this settles or will have to switch back
09/09/12 | Alison
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Mixed reviews

I tried this as it was on offer. I have 2 spaniels and a collie cross. All seem to like it and it goes down well with them. HOWEVER, I think the feeding guide is a little on the excessive side. They recommend 1.2% of your dog's weight to be fed. I fed this and they seemed to poop for England! They are producing FAR more waste than with other foods I've tried (the best being Eukanuba so far). SO I cut down the ration and the pooping is not quite so bad BUT the cocker spaniel's coat has now gone from soft and shiny to harsh and dry - along with her skin. In summation the food is reasonably priced when on special offer but it had down sides for my girls :( That's not to say it will suit millions of others but I won't be buying it again - will go back to Eukanuba - 5 star food that suits them all and means I'm not clearing the garden of poop 4 - yes FOUR times a day. Sorry Lukullus
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Hard to eat

bought this for my two senior weimaraners. They struggled with eating it because it was very hard compared to other dry dog food and so I had to soften it first with warm water, so not good for their old teeth! Only need a small amount of this compared to other dog foods though.
06/07/11 | J Finneran
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Did not agree with my dog

I really wanted to like this food as we are really careful about the food we give to our Irish terrier. The ingredients read as very good quality and the price is very reasonable, but it kept making him gag all the time. The biscuits are very dense so I dont know if they were too much for his stomach? Otherwise no other problems with it.

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