07/03/18 | Jo

Best boxer food

This food is the best one I have tried for my boxer. His coat is lovely and he has definitely started filling out / getting more muscular since he started on this food. He use to experience a lot of stomach upsets but since he has started this food, he hasn’t had any problems. He seems to love it too

01/13/18 | Duncan Wharton

Great food but very Misleading Offer

I felt that the 'OFFER' you had on this product was very misleading "Large Bags Royal Canin Breed Dry Dog Food + 2/ 2.5kg Free!*". I was expecting 2X2.5kg bags free, but instead received a 14kg bag! Apparently the offer is you buy a 12kg bag and get 2kg free making it a 14kg bag. What is most annoying is that printed on the bag in BIG letters is "+2kg = 14kg free gratis", think you should have had a photo of this bag on the web page, very clever marketing on your behalf.

09/08/17 | aaditya

Best Products for dog

this is the best product in the markets. good for dog health and diets also. and prices of the product is also resonable

03/17/17 | Lynn Jowitt

My handsome dog Henry

My black Labrador Henry is 18 months old. I fed him on junior labrador kibble until 3 months ago and then moved onto adult kibble. He is an absolute picture of good health and I am always receiving comments on how glossy his coat is. I attribute this to the food he eats and to good care of course.

05/15/16 | Lisa

Excellent dog food

My two boxers have been on this food for three years. Their coats are beautiful and shiny, and really soft. I find the advice on how much to give them dependant on their exercise levels shown on the pack to be really useful.

11/22/15 | Karl

Great Value, Excellent service.

I recently switched to Royal Canine Labrador specific dry dog food. The kibble is great and much appreciated by Lola. The ingredients specifically match her requirements really well, assuring only the best to manage her weight and health.

07/12/15 | Stacey

Excellent product!

My lab has been on this food since a puppy. He has stomach problems and this food has been perfect for him. His coat is very shiny. Brilliant product.

05/28/15 | Trish

Superb food

My lab has been on this food since he was a puppy. Basically, it does exactly as it says on the tin. Or in this case the bag. Definitely recommend.

05/03/15 | Pauline Meadley


We've used Royal Canin Boxer for the past 8 years and as a result we have two very healthy Boxers. I would recommend bread specific food.

04/23/15 | Peter Tasher

Two at a time

I have two Labs and have always fed Royal Canine Labrador Retriever Adult. I always buy two bags at a time, and Zooplus seems to beat the others on price. I sometimes get lucky and recieve the 12kg bags with 2kg extra free, an offer that comes a few times a year from RC. Zooplus service is always very good, can't fault them at all. Thanks Zooplus.

04/02/15 | Helen Elliott

Perfect food for German Shepherds

I have tried this food for the first time for my 8 yr old German Shepherd. She was suffering from colitis and the dried food she was on was she experienced often bouts of diarrhea. This food is excellent, she eats it without adding anything, smells nice and is moist. if you have a shepherd with a typical stomach problem this is the food to buy. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Royal Canin absolutely brilliant. Comes perfectly packaged in a cardboard box, quick delivery so a win win situation. I will be back for more next month.

03/17/15 | Mrs Jacqui Little

amazing product

I have been trying for a food for months to settle my boys tummy & find a food that agrees with him, I have tried many brands, wainwrights, ect ect.... the list goes on, with the vets help we have monitored different foods and after discussing with her, she was in agreement to try the food branded for his specific breed.. after doing a lot of reading and research, I decided to go for this brand, This... being Royal Canin Boxer Adult...... my only regret is that I didn't start him on it a lot sooner than I did, he once again enjoys his food especially as it shaped to help his breed pick it up with so much ease... leaving nothing in his dish, his muscles are really toned, no sloppy poohs & his coat is so shiny, hes a content happy boy with no rumbly in his tumbly!!! :-) Happy dog happy owners

01/30/15 | Boris,s Mummy


Switched to this food after thorough researching. Zooplus is excellent value, delivery is free & fast & our local independent & larger stores cannot beat their price. Boris is a mass of muscle since being on this food & the amount of comments i get about how sturdy & muscly he is. He has a very sensitive tummy & so this food is ideal for him, no illnesses, no sickness & his coat is so shiny. Highly recommended.

10/14/14 | Stephen davies

What can i say its the best

Was told by a friend to try this as my 6 yr old boxer was scratching all the time with a skin problem. Only after 2 weeks on this food you can see the difference straight away. His coat is silky and don't molt as much ether. Only food i will ever get for him the best.


Great product for my boxer

My boxer has been fed on Royal Canin Boxer food since she was a puppy. Now just over 2 years old she continues to enjoy it. Buying from Zooplus has been brilliant with excellent delivery and product pricing.

06/08/14 | Christine Robbins

Excellent offers and timed delivery

Have ordered several times from you and found in most cases your prices very competitive. I like the free delivery and have always had up to date information as to when delivery can be expected and the delivery men are always willing to lift the bags into the home.

06/08/14 | Lisa Johnson

Royal canin is the best

My boxer has been on this food since we got her, roxy has never been ill. I believe it's down to this food. She loves it. Xx


Entirely satisfied

Our 5 year old boxer has always eaten this Royal Canin Boxer food. Until he was 15 months we fed him Royal Canin Breed Boxer Junior and then changed to Boxer Adult. He's really healthy, a big ball of muscles, who never gets tired, with a lovely shiny coat.


My boxer YAM adores it

Since he was a puppy he has only eaten Royal canin boxer junior, and at 8 months he has never had any problems, his coat is brilliant, he's developing well, already a little pack of muscle. I'll continue with boxer adult when he gets to 15 months. Both have really high quality kibble, I know because I've tried others too. Thank you, Royal canin. YAM

01/29/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr


You can't buy better for our balls of muscle :-) Galak adores it, and she has no difficulty in eating it, unlike with other brands. She is 3 years old and we've always used this food - she's magnificent, really healthy, shiny coat, etc.....