08/02/21 | originally published in zooplus.de
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The puppies love it

Our 17 puppies are very happy! I can only recommend this.
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Great food

Our 7-month-old Dalmatian has been eating this food very happily for almost 4 months. He hardly smells and his coat is shiny. We are sticking with it.
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Very happy

My puppy loves it.
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06/01/19 | E Roberts
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Excellent for Dalmatians

This meets the dietary requirements of Dalmatians to assist in the prevention of urate stone formation. The kibble is the perfect size for puppies mouths. It smells desirable and has a nice feel, I always cover it with water. If you leave it a few minutes it will add flavour to the water. I have used it over many years and it has never caused any allergic issues, bloating or bad wind. Good stool formation and lovely coat.
19/09/18 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Ozi loves it

My little Ozi loves it. His fur is shining and he is shedding less of it. Wholeheartedly recommended !
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16/09/18 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Super fur

Simply the best!!! Our dog loved it from the word go and we noticed a real change in his fur. When we picked him up from the breeder he smelt like... Not long after we switched him over to this his fur became soft and the colours much stronger: the whites are bright and the browns are deep. Even the muscle tone and the bones have grown stronger. He is fit as a fiddle, healthy, and his fur is beautiful...what more could you want!
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12/08/17 | James Harkinton
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Dally loves Royal Canin After Switch

Did plenty of research and all recommendations pointed back to to Royal Canin Dalmatain Junior being an ideal candidate. Our dallys breeder used IAMS Junior and after our little addition to the household become unsettled for a period that lasted lasted a week and half of constant diarrhea, trips to the vets that resorted in 2 day stomach settling plan we switched! Wouldn't change the food again for the world. He is happy, content, surprisingly full, beautiful coat, growing and very active.
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New Dally pup loves this

I did some research before I got Freddie and felt that this was well recommended by those that use it for their Dalmatians so started my boy on this the day we got him at 8 weeks old. He loves it. I have no idea if it helps with skin condition, lack of malting, mood leveller or anything else as he's just always been on this. He loves it and having it delivered quickly at a saving is nice and easy for me.
23/04/15 | Peter Tasher
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Two at a time

I have two Labs and have always fed Royal Canine Labrador Retriever Adult. I always buy two bags at a time, and Zooplus seems to beat the others on price. I sometimes get lucky and recieve the 12kg bags with 2kg extra free, an offer that comes a few times a year from RC. Zooplus service is always very good, can't fault them at all. Thanks Zooplus.
02/04/15 | Helen Elliott
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Perfect food for German Shepherds

I have tried this food for the first time for my 8 yr old German Shepherd. She was suffering from colitis and the dried food she was on was she experienced often bouts of diarrhea. This food is excellent, she eats it without adding anything, smells nice and is moist. if you have a shepherd with a typical stomach problem this is the food to buy. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Royal Canin absolutely brilliant. Comes perfectly packaged in a cardboard box, quick delivery so a win win situation. I will be back for more next month.
16/06/14 | Mrs Scott
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Marla A 6 month old spotty baby

since getting our spotty fur baby at 10 weeks she has been fed on this food. Marla cannot get enough of it, she is healthy and has a lovely soft silky fur coat. Only wish that there were different flavour choices, apart from that its perfect.
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Royal Canin Dalmatian

My two Dalmatian puppies were getting a lot of upset tummies , l put them on to this and l am delighted with the results, they are certainly putting on weight and I am feeling a lot happier you don't like to see them with constant diarrea, so all in all very pleased with the outcome.
10/01/14 | Judith Benson
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I got this for my 2 dallies. They have had better stools & no flatulence since using this. Their coats are so soft. Have now ordered the double. It is well worth the money to keep my 2 boys health & happy.
13/09/13 | Caroline
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Audrey update!

Audrey is about to hit 12 months old and I wrote a review shortly after she arrived with me. She still loves the food...zooplus still offering A1 service and pricing. Everyone's a winner...especially Audrey!!! Be interesting to see how the switch to the adult food goes in December. Wish they had a food for my staffie tinkerbell too she is 7 and missing out I think.....
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Simply the best

Found this by chance online, I was aware of the Adult Dalmatian dry food but not the Dalmatian Junior. My Dalmatian puppy loves it, so there is no waste and no evidence of sensitivity. She is making a steady weight gain, month on month. Overall I am very pleased to be able to offer my puppy a nutritious food tailor made for her needs.
26/06/13 | Ian Miller
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German Shepherd

My 2/12 year old white german shepherd Zak had a really sensitive digestion system and only Royal Canin food has managed to settle that down and now he is fine
01/04/13 | Suzanne
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My Dally loves it

When I got my dalmatian at 8 weeks, the breeder was feeding her a food I wasn't keen on - full of rubbish and protein. I was lucky to find this product, especially as Zooplus seems to be the only place to buy it, and Royal Canin themselves don't even list it on their website. I'm very glad I did find it, though, as she loves it. It seems to have no discernible flavour, but she can't get enough. The offers on here are always great, and the service is outstanding. Thanks. One point: I do recommend getting hold of a Royal Canin food cup guide, though, as the measurements are a little wacky.
20/11/12 | Caroline
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8 weeks old Dalmation pup loves it

My 8 week old Dalmation puppy Audrey loves it....can only buy on line. Whole on line process very professional and efficient. Arrived within 2/3 days.Nice to feed something with an eye on the future,especially impressed with the early intro of glucosamine. Well done Royal Canin and Zooplus.co.uk Will keep you posted as Audrey grows up to 15 months on it! Shame there isn't a facility to download a photo so you could see for yourselves.
13/09/12 | Hercules Mum
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Big Mac of Dog Foods

My 2 year old Pug has been given every single expensive, high protein, healthy dog food - Orijen,Darlings, Burns ...you name it he has had it. And in saying that he has refused to eat all of them. Some of them he humoured me and gave them a few days before turning his nose up at them, but mostly he just refused to eat them until he was starving. So in shear desperation I decided to give the Royal Canin Pug a go. All of my research suggested it is garbage, but perhaps I really do have an adolescent dog as he ate it like he has never been fed..he even came back for 3 additional helpings! I'm conscious that it probably tastes so good because its so bad for him so I've been mixing it with his healthy grain free foods and its encouraging him to eat them too although I have caught him spitting them out when he realised they weren't his Royal Canin. So, according to my research this food isn't good for your dog, and I haven't had him on it long enough to comment, but from where I stand I'd rather he live on Big Macs than starve so for me this is a great food.