Great food getting more and more expensive

This food is great. Been using it for years, although recently it has gone up in price. I used to pay 38.99 a bag and now it’s 43.99

09/14/16 | Angel

Dog healthy but not sure he likes it!

I have to mix this with a little bit of cheap wet dog food otherwise he won't eat it. My lab is five years old, has had this since a puppy and is very healthy and never whines for extra food inbetween meals. I have tried cheaper products twice and each time for a week he had the runs. This product just works, he's a good strong dog and he has only vomited twice in his life, no runs in the house so as long as I had an eighth of a tin of cheap supermarket wet food, he licks his lips and devours!

11/19/07 | Karl R

Quality Food

Well made & appetising. I liked the larger size, specially shaped chunks. The formulation is excellent & includes sensible levels of vitamins, glucosamine, chrondoitin, etc. Our dogs had no digestive problems with it. Only criticism is that (like most mainstream dog foods) it has only average meat content: since our dogs are very active I've since switched them to a higher protein food (Orijen-available here too). Nevertheless, an excellent food that I would recommend to anyone.