09/16/21 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Old English Licious

Freddy our old English started off on the first puppy Royal cabin,then progressed as he got older now he is on maxi 5years to 8 years. He is five now. Always eats every morsel,I put a little chicken or turkey or sausage as a treat on top and there is nothing lef in his dish. I thoroughly recommend it and I am not bothered about the price as he is happy and that is all that matters.

06/18/21 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

English Pointer

Our English Pointer lost weight as a younger dog and we could never get his diet right, he was pretty skinny and didn't look right. We chose Royal Canin after doing some research and reading the reviews on your website. We have never looked back and he looks amazing, glossy coat and great coverage on his body too! Great. delivery straight to the door

09/17/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Maxi adult 5+

Perfect food for my Labrador x Weimar cross who is 6 years old and made the transition from the junior to the adult food effortlessly. He loves the food, and I love the fact that it comes right to my door and I don't have to lug around heavy bags of dog food anymore. The deliverymen are always very friendly and the delivery itself is very prompt. Thank you for all of this...I have been recommending zooplus to all of my friends since I heard about it, don't change a thing, everything is great, high quality and unbeatable price

03/26/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Royal Canin MAXI Adult 5+ for dogs

Excellent food of the highest quality that suits my Beauceron perfectly. She is 13 years old but still in perfect health, and is as active as ever, walking around 40km a week.

02/20/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Super Food!!

My 5 year old pug got pancreatitis in 2016, which is why I started giving her a dietary blend from Hills. She would often vomit and did not seem to enjoy eating it. I decided spontaneously to try the Royal Canin Maxi and it was a miracle. She can't eat it fast enough and has completely stopped vomiting. She is much more agile and her fur is more beautiful than ever. I am very happy that I made the switch.

09/16/18 | Lynn Newman

Good stuff!

Our 8 year old lab has been on RC for about 18 months, we have seen a big difference in him since changing to this food. There are no more 'dodgy' stomachs or wind, his coat is shiny and he has loads of energy. He eats the lot first go!

07/29/17 | Brenda Hodson


My O.E.Sheepdog, will be 8in November, but since he has been on Royal Canin, for over5 yr old,s, he thinks he is a puppy still,,people are surprised,when I tell them how old he is.!


Great food, Lab loves it!

Been feeding my yellow Lab Royal Canin ever since we got him as a pup and there is no way I would ever take him off it. He has a healthy, shiny coat(and does not over moult despite what some say on other sites). people always comment on how healthy and well he looks, vets included. Great price from Zooplus also!

02/05/17 | Laura keight

Switched from RC maxi adult

I recently switched from Royal Canin Maxi Std Adult . I am very impressed it's the same quality product and I have to say I'm very impressed no difference in the appearance of my dog but does seem to have a little more energy and seems more mobile. I have switched a little later in the day as she is 7 and I was happy on the Std adult and didn't want to risk any change to her health but have to say the switch went smoothly and she is wondrously fit on the new.


My german shepherd loves it

What more can I say only he loves the stuff !! Empty bowl time after time, Royal Canin is the best for all breads ..

06/26/14 | Kapil

Good One!

Best Product!

06/09/14 | Fiona

Empty bowl every time

My dogs love their food and although they are large dogs don't produce large poos so this is presumably high quality food without too much filler. I wish I'd placed my latest order while this promotion is on as they'd have enjoyed the hedgehog squeaky balls.

03/26/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Quality shines through, no more nasty dog smell!

We're very satisfied with this food from RC and we also feed our dog (sheepdog mix, female, spayed, 70cm shoulder height, 40kg, 6 years old) Sensible, Maxi 8+ and the Sheepdog special food. In comparison to other brands we've tried like Orijen, Happy Dog, Acana, etc our dog is in much better condition with this food and is much fitter. And the smell of dog is almost nothing, even when she's wet - amazing!

10/03/13 | suzz

great food

use this with both of my rough collies they have lovely coats and thrive with these high quality biscuits clear the bowl every time

04/02/13 | heatherlambert

royal canin maxi adult 5+

excellent product would recommend for any dog in their senior years or breeds that have problems with joint problems or arthritis my golden retriever is now growing older gracefully he is much improved on his hips since feeding him this and he doesnt need medication off the vet to aid his stiffness so walkies for him is like he were a young dog so thanks canin for creating this masterpiece love from buddy for a new lease of life now i can keep up with my cocky cavalier who is only 2 theres plenty of life in this old dog yet

09/06/12 | TRICIA


Hi me and my friends have bulldogs because they need little exercise and we have busy lives the only problem is keeping there weight under control that is where your food is fantastic firstly my dogs name is Taz and if it does not get feed enough it turns into the tazmanian devil no other food controls her hunger thank god for royal canin ps the reason for light she would explode.

05/24/12 | Charlotte

Royal Canin Giant Junior

Royal canin is fantastic stuff. Keeps my dogs very healthy and they love it :)My Great Dane is growing perfectly :)

04/26/12 | Bev pj

Royal canin sensible

We have found this food excellent for our fussy kc spaniels! The small kibbles are easily digestible and our dogs love it and now won't eat anything else!!!!

02/12/12 | L Wynne

6 weeks and what a difference!

I bought this just before Christmas. My 11 year old labrador/collie cross was beginning to get a little stiff after longer walks - this is not the case any more. I am convinced that his front paws that were really knobbly with arthritis - are less so now. His coat is lovely and shiny! What a difference - somewhat tempted to try it myself!!!!

11/10/11 | Rachel

first time buyer

first time ever ordered off this site took 4 days to deliver also recieved a free toy of good quality found the food i ordered was the cheapest too so well happy .

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