Royal Cainn mini dog food

My two dogs love this food and it is gentle on their systems.

12/26/18 | Jude

Good to keep my guys healthy

Love Royal Canin got my Houndz and the speedy service zooplus provide. Will continue to be a customer during 2019

11/03/18 | Scout's owner

Fussy terrier loves this food

Our terrier mix pup was fussy with food but settled on this and happy and healthy. Digests it well and not a smelly dog

07/25/18 | Dewey

Royal canin mini adult

Our Dave the pug wolfs it down he loves it 🐶👍


Great food, Lab loves it!

Been feeding my yellow Lab Royal Canin ever since we got him as a pup and there is no way I would ever take him off it. He has a healthy, shiny coat(and does not over moult despite what some say on other sites). people always comment on how healthy and well he looks, vets included. Great price from Zooplus also!

09/22/16 | Charlotte

Both my dogs love it!

Both my mini poodle and terrier love Royal canin the biscuits are small the right size for there little mouths. Both my dogs won't eat any other dog biscuits so this is always on my order. I do believe this food keeps both my dogs healthy and in shape.

05/19/16 | m jackson

spot on

Great price super service and quick delivery and the dog loved it.


royal canine small dog

Have tried every type & brand, but my dogs would refuse them all! Until finally I was given a small sample pack of this & they love it. Oh the money I've wasted on all the others!!

11/03/15 | bernadette hagger

fantastic food from royal canin

my two king charles love royal canin dry food charlie is on the adult eight plus for small dogs and honestly was so fussy that you had to feed him by hand just to get him to eat anything well not anymore he loves this food and always leaves an emply bowl hair shedding is becoming a thing of the past and his coat is so glossy calvin is on satiety for small dogs and you can already see it starting to work its magic he has stopped barking all day for more food and is becoming much more active


Good value and good quality.

I have 4 fussy maltese terriers and they love this food so it must be good. 4 empty bowls always.

05/03/15 | valentina vennarini


Competitive price, delivvered very quickly, our kings charles loves it!!

05/03/15 | Alfie and Alice

Clean bowls every time

Excellent service ,good prices.keeps us in shape

07/31/14 | Scotstar Cats

Thumbs up!!

My Scottish Terrier has this every day for breakfast, a raw food for dinner. This food does a food job of keeping her weight stable, and it doesn't produce smelly, horrible poo or wind either! I'd recommend this for for anyone with a small dog who doesn't want them gaining weight. It's brown in colour with the appearance of rough Cheerios,

07/14/14 | Chris

Finally a food our dog enjoys

After trying our dog on Hills, Burns, and all the usual higher end feed without success - had to give most away ! Tried this for our small mongrel (5.6 kg). He loves it. As he is small but very active the vet advises to give small meals a day.He has this for breakfast and has fresh cooked food in the evening. The small size nuggets suit him just fine and are definitely tasty - I have had a tiny taste. Would recommend. (But not as party snacks for humans.)

06/26/14 | Kapil

Good One!

Best Product!

06/15/14 | Sylwia Wieczorkowska


My Molly didn't like a dry food since she born, sometimes the food could stay at the bowl untouchable for weeks, she eat just wet food. After her back surgery she stay in the cage resting for 3 month and unfortunately without any moving her weight go up. I found Royal Canin Mini Adult Dry food for adult dogs of small breeds which maintaining her weight witch L-carnitin. Molly absolutely loves this food, (she is not eating wet food anymore), her coat is shining now and she has loose 1kg already. Her bowl is always empty now as she is eating all at once. Molly is a happy dog now!!!


Royal Pooch

My dog William loves Royal Canin mini adult food. Being a small breed i.e. a pug, he finds the food easy to digest and a fun shape. I appreciate the vitamins and goodness that provides him with a balanced diet, without the need for supplements.

04/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.de


This food is very good for our Beagle puppies. It's not too fatty and is quite fresh.



My little pup loves this food and is very healthy too.

04/15/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very good dog food

The best food for our Bolonka. He's got a lovely shiny coat now, I'd definitely recommend it.

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