13/12/22 | Tara
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Top Value

I found this item a bit frustrating because it gave no information about how many bon bons would be in the pack and the size. I finally just bought them. They are really big bon bons and all three dogs loved them. The tiny Yorkie had a giant bon bon for his size and the Labrador didn't just swallow it in one gulp. The bag inside is very full and this is a great way to get Salmon Oil into them. Well worth the price.
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Bonbon delight

Tried this product for the first time recently and our furballs reaction was amazing. They were delighted with themselves and just loved them
18/06/18 | Mrs. Sandy hughes
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Salmon oil Bon bons

My Lhasa also Alfie can’t wait to have this treat. As soon as they arrived l had to give him one as he was all over them before l could even get them open. He absolutely loves them& l hope we will be able to see the difference in his coat before long.
16/02/18 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Very popular

Great Bonbons, better value for money than in other shops. My Romanian doesn't seem to like salmon oil in her food very much, so she gets a bonbon as a treat after her morning and evening meals and loves them. My Podencos like them too, but that's no real benchmark - they eat absolutely everything! ;)
21/01/18 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Well accepted...tastes good to my Podencos

My Podenco Rosa eats very badly and is 14 years old. My three Podencos have been having these bonbons for a week and they are mad for them. In the beginning Rosa just sniffed at them and hesitated, but after a few minutes she tried them and now she waits every day for her bonbons.
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Salmon Oil Bonbons

I'm already onto my third pack, I am very satisfied with these bonbons. They are easy to crush and mix in with the food. The smell is quite strong so I keep them in a tupperware. My dog likes them and accepts them well.
19/01/18 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Great Bonbons for my Podencos

My Rosa sadly eats very badly, as well as being 14 years old and unwell. She has been having these Bonbons for a week and likes them a lot. My other Podencos also like them a lot, naturally, and I will continue to use them.
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5 Stars

These bonbons can be easily crushed and mixed into food. I have already used 2 packs and am satisfied. Coat and skin are great.
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Good little treats

I have been feeding my dog these salmon oil bonbons for a few weeks and can actually see that my dog's coat is soft and much better. I can recommend these bonbons!
20/11/17 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Extremely popular

Our dog loves these things. He is delighted every time he gets one. I don't know if I'm imagining it but I think his coat is much glossier and considerably softer.
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My dog loves these Bonbons

My male French Bulldog and male Miniature Pinscher love these Bonbons and are always hungry for them! They are also very well accepted.
27/09/17 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Completely satisfied

I have a Bernese Mountain Dog and an Old English Bulldog. Both have these bonbons on a daily basis (the Bernese is 55kg and has 3 capsules and the Bulldog is 30kg and has 2 capsules) and I can see the effects after just 2 weeks of use. The Bernese's coat has become totally glossy and soft, and the Bulldog's coat is also much softer. One pack lasts me around 2 weeks with 2 dogs. Absolutely recommend.