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Love it!

Fantastic value for money, well over a meter long and I love that its machine washable. I just wish there was an option to pick the colour you want.
17/06/09 | Andrea
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Play Tunnel

I bought this for my sons rabbit COCO who is a (med) size rabbit. After reading other reviews i tied it to his run just with food ties. He loved running in and out of it, then he would sit underneath it. The only thing i would say Coco has chewed right through the wire that holds it together, so i have sewed it back up and is thinking of something stronger to keep the shape.
30/06/07 | Heather
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Hilarious wee toy!!!

This tunnel is amazing but needs to be tied up to the roof of an outdoor pen or such, because without securing it up it just flops at both ends and blocks entry to your bunny. When secured though, it provides hours of fun with bunny racing in and out of it as well as using it to hide in. Recommend this tunnel for the enjoyment it provides us as well as them and it is so sturdy even when your bunny tries to chew through it it stays in one piece. Also very easy to clean. Well done Zooplus.