29/10/21 | Joanne
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Piggy’s love this hideous tunnel

Best thing since sliced bread. Cheap and fun for floor-time. Lot bigger than expected. Recommend for guinea pigs and rabbits.
27/12/12 | Amanda
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My adorable dwarf bunny <3 this!

I got this as one of my dwarf bunny Milky's christmas presents. It was love at first sight (even though the colours of this tunnel is a bit hidieous). She loves been mischievious and diving around and darting through it. And gives us and herself hours of enjoyment. She looks so cute when she is playing in it! :D
06/09/12 | TinaP
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Best Toy Ever for My Dwarf Lop

My Dwarf Lop Lipsy absolutely loves this Tunnel. She spends hours playing with it. Running (well trying to) through it, squashing it all up and then trying to spread it all out again, jumping on it, skipping over it and pulling it around. It is starting to split so have just purchased another one. It would be a shame if Zooplus ever stopped selling it, because I would feel awful if I had to stop buying my Rabbits favourite toy.
09/12/08 | brian and jackie
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play tunnel for bunnies

i bought this for my to piggies called smudge and snuggles we put in the play plen we bought from you we think its excellent and they love it thank you zoo plus