Very good bottle

Easy to attach to the cage and it doesnt leak much. I would recommend the Living World glass bottle more however, because I find it is a lot easier to sanitize glass bottles. But if you dont care whether a bottle is glass or plastic, then this one is 100% perfectly fine and I havent had any issues at all with it!
09/05/17 | Tiffany


Super water bottle
05/03/15 | Katie

great product

i bought 2 large bottles, one for each level of my hutch, for 4 male guinea pigs. imo the classic bottle is exactly that, classic. and fulfills all needs.
04/17/14 | Jordan

Fantastic Water Bottle At A Great Price Too!

The Classic Drinking Bottle is a perfect water bottle for all small animals. The Classic Drinking Bottle the same high quality product for a low or fair price offered by Zooplus.co.uk! I am very pleased with my 150ml water bottle for my Syrian Hamster "Jasper" and i got it at a bargain of a price too!

Such a bargain!

Get the bigger size water bottle for any small animal, just incase they get extra thirsty one day and you're not around to fill it up! You won't get this price anywhere else, it's a good durable material and will hook onto any cage or hutch.

Good Value for money

The bottles are a great price and hold plenty of water. It's a little bit noisy when the animals drink it but still great value for money
08/23/09 | Bargain hunter


Great item its a bargain here again - great work zooplus! cheap an cheerful.

v good

i think it works brilliant! i was minding my friends rabbits and it never drips until sucked and never fell out or tipped over!!!

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