30/07/15 | S Taylor
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Miniature Dachshunds

Anyone who has dachshunds knows how important keeping the weight off is, I use this for my two and it does help keep their waistlines trim. They seem to enjoy it, and it does make a difference to what comes out the other end too..
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Tasty and healthier

I have 4 maltese who were putting on weight so i changed to the light mini. It must be tasty as they are quite fussy eaters and they wolf it down.
31/07/14 | Scotstar Cats
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Thumbs up!!

My Scottish Terrier has this every day for breakfast, a raw food for dinner. This food does a food job of keeping her weight stable, and it doesn't produce smelly, horrible poo or wind either! I'd recommend this for for anyone with a small dog who doesn't want them gaining weight. It's brown in colour with the appearance of rough Cheerios,
10/06/14 | jonathan francis
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Great for Cavaliers !!

Cavaliers have a great tendancy for putting on weight, with mini light you dont have that problem as long as your dogs get proper exercise as well!!
13/01/11 | Tonia
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Fussy, fat chihuaha!

My chihuahua was eating the recommended amount of a well known high-end dog food but remained stubbornly overweight. My vet recommended Royal Canine Light. Despite previously turning her nose up at other dried food, she loves this and now, only 3 months later, she is already much slimmer and even seems more active and happier!
19/01/10 | Juliet Knight
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My Norfolk loves this!

My Norfolk bitch, aged 3, was prone to bolt her food and was often sick after eating, so we were faced with the challenge of finding a small kibble food that she liked, as she was also fussy with some brands!!! She absolutely loves this product..the small kibble makes it easy for her to eat, she is no longer sick after eating, and it helps to control her weight!! Excellent product!!