15/01/19 | Elena
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Something changes

Our maine coon has being eaten this food for one and a half year, and everything was perfect, but the last bag we ordered gave to the cat an awful diarrhoea. We tried another supplier, but the result was the same. Unfortunately, we have to look for another dry food.
07/09/18 | Elaine Hogan
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Smaller size kibble not as popular

I have a multi cat household and Purizon was the one food that all of the cats enjoyed. I have noticed that the kibble is now a smaller size than it used to be and since this change two of my cats will no longer eat it and the others don''t enjoy it as much as they used to do.
30/08/18 | Elaine Hogan
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My cats have noticed a change

I have a multi-cat household and previously Purizon was the one food that all of my cats would eat and really enjoy. I have noticed on the last two orders that the size of the kibble has decreased and with it the cats enjoyment of it. Now two of my cats will no longer eat it and the others eat it eventually rather than immediately as they did before.
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Sorry, our cats aren't impressed..

Our Burmese appreciate their previous cat food now :( I suppose the over-powering smell of herring is too much for them. Wish I would have bought three-flavours instead.
28/07/17 | Jennifer
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Really wanted to love this

Great ingredients and price point and my cat happily eats it but she throws it up in chunks. She never throws up...
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Wow!! That is what I thought upon opening this bag, you could tell it had a very high fish content which is good however my cats never seemed overly impressed they don't eat it as fast as some of the other dry foods I have been trying them with, also it made my room absolutely stink so it got relegated to an area of the flat with a better air flow around it. I won't be buying this again.