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Outdoor Cat Litter Trays

If your cat loves to roam the garden, but you would prefer to keep it clean and tidy, then an Outdoor Cat Litter Tray is the perfect choice!
As with a regular indoor litter tray, these outdoor options offer easy, spacious and hygiene solutions for your cat's toilet habits, with a deep tray for litter and made from durable material. However, an outdoor cat litter tray comes with the added bonus of being ideal for use on patios, balconies or even just out on the lawn.
Here at zooplus we offer outdoor cat litter trays with waterproof hoods and robust manufacturing to ensure no water or moisture gets in and wastes litter. An outdoor cat litter tray is the perfect choice for the garden-loving owner with a cat that loves the great outdoors!
    1 products
    1 products

    Outdoor Cat Litter Trays

    This innovative black and white litter tray has a waterproof hood and is particularly suitable for outside use. It has an extra-large entry and a deep tray, making it great for larger cats.

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