Cat Litter Tray Liners

Make your life easier with a cat litter tray liner! As the name suggests, these cat litter tray liners can be placed inside your cat's litter tray and fastened around the edges before being filled with litter. This means that, when the time comes to empty the tray, all you need to do is lift out the litter tray liner complete with litter and dispose of the entire lot. A cat litter tray liner not only makes it easier to remove the litter but can also help prevent residue from urine building up inside the litter tray, helping to make it last longer.
Cat litter tray bags make it infinitely easier to keep your cat's litter tray clean and hygienic, making scrubbing and regularly replacing the litter tray a thing of the past.
Choose from a selection of cat litter tray bags and liners here at zooplus, with a range of sizes to fit every litter tray. Now keeping your cat's litter tray cleaning couldn't be simpler!

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1 - 5 of 5 products
1 - 5 of 5 products
1 - 5 of 5 products

These tear-resistant bags are ideal for lining your cat’s litter tray, avoid the build up of urine residue, prevent unpleasant odours, hygienic and easy to clean, make your litter tray last longer

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10 Varieties from
Medium (12 bags)
€0.25 / piece
Saver Pack: Medium (3 x 12 bags)
individually priced €8.97
Now €7.99
€0.22 / piece
Large (12 bags)
€0.32 / piece
Saver Pack: Large (3 x 12 bags)
individually priced €11.37
Now €9.99
€0.28 / piece
Maxi (12 bags)
€0.62 / piece
Trixie Simple’n’Clean Litter Tray Bags

Simple’n’Clean bags for litter trays, allows for quick and easy cleaning, prevents urine stains in cat toilets, suitable for litter trays up to 46 x 59cm, contains 10 bags

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2 Varieties from
10 Bags (46 x 59cm)
Was €3.49
Now €2.99
dark grey/light grey
Was €23.99
Now €19.99

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Trixie Cat Litter Tray Bags

These extra-large litter tray bags offer quick, easy and uncomplicated cleaning of your cat’s litter tray. Simply line the tray with one of these handy plastic bags before placing litter on top.

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1 Varieties from
10 x XL bags
Was €2.99
Now €2.49

Fits in nearly every litter box, keeps things clean and makes the box easy to clean out.

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1 Varieties from
Max. Toilet-Size: 55 x 45x 12 cm (Lx W x H)
Was €3.99
Now €3.29

Environmentally friendly hygiene bags for litter trays. Easy to use and makes cleaning easy and hygienic. Made from 80% recycled materials and fits all litter tray sizes.

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1 Varieties from
12 pieces
Was €6.49
Now €5.49

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