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Sports & Protective Dog Boots

Product description

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Product description

Smart looking set of 4 protective dog boots, made from faux leather and polyester, with anti-slip profile and reflective Velcro fastening. A great way to protect your dog's paws. Colour: black
The Sports & Protective Dog Boots were developed especially for dogs. These protective shoes reduce the risk of infection and help to keep paw wounds clean. They are great in the winter, and also if you and your dog are going for long walks on asphalt or stony paths.

The dog boots are very comfortable. The outer shoe is made from pliant, breathable polyester with faux leather inserts which give the shoe a sporty look and help to keep your dog's paws dry. The TPR (thermoplastic rubber) soles have an anti-slip profile to give your dog more traction so that it does not slide around on slippery or stony ground. The boots are a great way to protect your dog's paws from the cold or heat, gravel, stone chippings or road salt.

Each shoe has two Velcro tabs, ensuring a great fit whatever the breed and the reflective tabs will make your dog more visible during the darker months.

The Sports & Protective Dog Boots are water repellent and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

The Sports & Protective Dog Boots at a glance:

  • Colour: black
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Anti-slip TPR (thermoplastic rubber) profile
  • Expansion gusset makes the boots easy to put on and take off
  • Very comfortable
  • Double Velcro fastening
  • Soft fleece lining
  • Reflective trim for added visibility
  • Breathable
  • Water repellent
  • Hand wash up to 30°C

Note:To keep the boots water repellent impregnate with a waterproofing spray before using for the first time and after each wash.

Choosing the right size for your dog:
Use a tape measure to measure the width of your dog's paw at the widest point while your dog is standing. (A dog's foot spreads when it is standing and it is important to measure at the widest point when standing to give the best fit). If your dog's paw width falls between two sizes, choose the larger size. You also need to measure around the paw to ensure the boot opening is big enough for your dog's paws.

Now measure the total length of the boot size you have selected against your dog's paw and leg, starting at the tip of the paw and going up the leg. Measure the paw circumference at the point on your dog's leg that corresponds to the top of the boot. If the boot opening is too large it can easily be tightened with included Velcro tabs.

Size Boot width Boot length Boot opening circumference Boot height (paw height) Grip sole
L x W
Velcro tabs
XS (2) 5 cm 11 cm up to 13.5 cm 3 cm 6 x 5 cm 1.4 cm
S (3) 5.3 cm 11 cm up to 15.5 cm 3.5 cm 6 x 5.3 cm 1.4 cm
M (4) 5.8 cm 12 cm up to 16 cm 3.5 cm 6.3 x 5.8 cm 1.4 cm
L (5) 6.5 cm 12 cm up to 16.5 cm 3.8 cm 7 x 6.5 cm 1.4 cm
XL (6) 7 cm 14 cm up to 19.5 cm 4 cm 7 x 7 cm 2 cm
XXL (7) 8 cm 14.8 cm up to 21.5 cm 4.5 cm 8.5 x 8 cm 2 cm

It is important that you measure your dog's paw while it is standing!

Please note:
A numerical size (from 2-7) is imprinted on the sole of these boots.
e.g. For dog boots in size XXL, there is a numerical 7 imprinted.


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