22/03/18 | Daniel
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Mixed reviews

My cat loved the tuna,chicken and cheese and chicken breast. She wouldn’t however touch the mixed seafood after multiple attempts
25/07/16 | Melanie
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A bit like Marmite...

I have five cats and none of them liked this, so I am left with alot of tins as I ordered a bulk order.It looks good quality, but they prefer food bought previously such as Smilla, Bozita, Yarrah and Animonda Carny.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

High quality but

I feed my kitten predominantly raw (natural insticct/purrform) but sometimes I will use these if needs be....I don't appreciate it having rice and cheese in it though. I don't feel kittens or any cat needs those two things in their diet. It's a real shame as this food smells great and it could be an awesome complimentary addition to diet if it wasn't so high in calorie and unnecessary ingredients!