08/08/17 | Liz

Good quality cat food

My Kitty used to be on a raw diet from Natures Menu due to having allergies but recently I have been struggling to afford it. After lots of research I found Animonda which is a high quality affordable food that agrees with my cat. I am particularly pleased by this offer since one tin lasts two days which makes it really cost effective compared to the other sizes and I still feel that my pet is getting all of the nutrients he needs and the food has a very high meat content which is perfect.


Good value for money

I was looking for a good quality complete wet cat food that had a high meat content. Most brands end up being quite expensive if you have 2 or more cats. I find that Animonda Carny's cans are very good value for money. From a human perspective it isn't the most visually appealing food but my cats always finish their plate happily.

04/22/13 | Claire

Jury's Out on this one!

For some reason my cat just isn't keen on this. I don't know if its the brand or the flavour. Very similar in texture to Grau which he really likes but for some reason he doesn't really like it. Having said that it is very good quality and a nice consistency, I think perhaps the Grau just smells more appealing to him


seems good!

been using this cat food for ages well over a year,alot of meat pack in,smells good and cats eat it all up.i didnt see any improvements in my cats fur but they seem to have energy,i notice other people cats that are fed cheap cat food sleep alot but my cats are full of energy.high meat content but its mainly beef??.cats are now finally getting tired of it so giving them a break from it.i didnt see great improvements in cats health but it didnt create problems!!