Did cats change their minds... or did maker changed recipe?

My two cats loved this brand for over six months, absolutely wolfed it down every time. They won't touch it now, not even when crying for food. This happened between one order and the next. Has the maker changed the recipe?

03/15/18 | Olivia

Good food, but cats have gone off it

Initialy this had a good reception (i left a 5* review) but now it is left in the bowl after a few bites. I wonder if they might be finding it too "beefy" and high in offal. However this might be due to me introducing other foods and they've become little divas

07/25/16 | Angela

One out of 4 cats will eat it

I have 3 house cats and 1 feral stable cat, only the feral will eat this. It looks and smells nice but obviously my house cats disagree. I won't purchase the very large tins again, I will just buy smaller ones for my feral.

06/05/15 | Donna

My cat eats this, but not too keen

My cat is very fussy, but definitely not too keen when she is fed this. It's quite dry - she's used to food with more jelly or gravy, and I've tried mixing in some water, which she seemed to prefer. It looks and smells OK, and I will persevere with the rest of the cans, but won't be repurchasing.

02/18/13 | Malcolm


My cat Missy is certainly not a fussy eater however after feeding her the turkey and rabbit variety (which she ate with no problems) I gave her the chicken and duck version. She took one mouthful and walked away. I was actually shocked. I mix her wet food with Iams so thought I'd just give her the chicken and duck Carny on its own just in case. But she wouldn't go near her bowl. Have to say the food didn't smell very good even though I'm not a cat! So now my local fox is getting the chicken and duck variety- and he eats it all! It seems other cat owners on Zooplus have had the same problem so choose your variety carefully.