Cat loves it!

Cat absolutely loves it, some flavours aren't for him but i've worked around it his favourite is the turkey and veal. I do interchange this food with another but that is solely down to my cat being picky.


Not as much rubbish as in others!

My cats don't like all the flavours as some are a bit dry with really large chunks. But the Chicken and Beef have been favourites for years. Not the highest quality, but good enough

02/15/18 | Olivia

My cats love it, and great for their intolerances

We'd had enough of the smelly litter trays and the mess that was left in them after their visits. I suspected a grain intolerance (I have 1 persian and 2 ragdoll x Persians).I slowly introduced animonda into their previous cat food (felix) and within 9 days my cats had pleasant litter trays and softer shiny coats. They eagerly wait for mealtimes and it is all eaten within a few hours. The tins are very dense too so they dont need too much to fill them up

01/18/18 | DB

Cats love it!

First tried this when, as kittens, 2 of my cats had very bad diarrhoea. Tests at the vets showed no clinical problems, so a change of food was needed. I tried various grain free/high meat content foods, but this is the only one they all love. No more problems with poos!!! Now they are all on the adult food, they have beautiful glossy coats & clean their bowls every time - 3 very happy cats!


Highly recommended

I had been struggling for years to reduce my cats' weight . Although I fed her the recommended amount of food it wasn't until I began to research that I realised the content of most commercial cat food is terrible quality. 4% meat, ash?! and filled with sugars and carbs. I found Carny wet, grain free and a v high level of meat content, my cat has never been healthier, energy levels have improved & at an ideal weight. Be warned it does take time to wean them off the 'junk' but persevere!

04/21/17 | Maria

Paws up!

My cat loves this food! He is very fussy and used to often walk away from his food but now he always cleans his bowl and is so excited when he sees the tin. Ideally I would have him on a raw diet but he is so fussy and an old boy now, so I am happy for him to eat this. The main negative I think of is plaque from feeding wet food. I would recommend brushing your cats teeth, to try and prevent problems with them later in life.

03/16/17 | Josie jones

Happy cats

Very good cat food,talk about happy cats,even licking face after,great price,thanks zooplus,never been let down comes highly recommended by my 5 cats

02/10/17 | Purpleclaire

Very good high meat content food

Having 14 cats I was struggling with the leftover waste of food from the normal car food products u can buy even the pouches of food too. Was working out too expensive for my household. No more 😀 Very very happy with this cat food. My cats absolutely love it. Their is a really good selection of choice in flavours too and you can see and smell the difference in the cat food straight away. I would recommend this cat food to everyone. It was recommended to me by a friend 😀

02/06/17 | Kathrin Mueller

A very happy customer

I ordered the beef & cod flavour because our boy likes fish and he absolutely loves it. Normally he goes for his dry food first and you sometimes have to trick him into eating his wet food. Not with this! He loves it and finishes it (almost) every time, sometimes even asking for seconds. So happy as we have been trying to find a brand of cat food that is healthy and which he likes. The price is really good, too, esp. if you buy a multipack. Excited to try the other flavours!

02/05/17 | Farah

My fuss pots lick the plate clean!

After trying 1 zillion expensive food, finally found this. You don't have to feed this as much do work out really good value for money. Compared to 300-400 grams of smilla or bozita, you only need to feed 150-200g of this. 1 can is all you need to feed to 2 cats (4kg ish each). There coats are shiny, and they are so full of energy all the time. Tip: don't buy the 800 gram though, dries up really quick.


We love it!!

Adults and kittens love this food!! And guess what??? No runny poo! Fantastic


Happy Cats & Great Value for Money!

We very much recommend this Cat food to everyone! Our cats seem to love it, It is a much better quality than well known brands we have tried in the past & It even works out much cheaper as they eat less as it's much more filling with the better quality of ingredients. The mixer packs are our cats favourite as they like the variety.

07/31/16 | morgan

Michelin Star Cat Food

Amazing cat food, the only downside is its like crack for cats, my little lady hassles me for more and more everytime i go into the kitchen. I does however keep her fit and healthy

02/09/16 | sarah

disagrees with my cat

Has given my cat the runs, have tried to implement it into his food but the consequences after are foul. Maybe its too rich for him



At last! A food that my siamese and foreign white can eat and enjoy without being sick afterwards! Super value and brilliant service from zooplus as always. Will try the dry version next because when I go away I will be able to use it in their automatic feeder. Hope it is as good!


Likes it once she'd got used to it!

I decided to switch from pouches (mostly Hills, Sheba & pets at home own brand) to cans - mainly to save costs. Frog didn't like this one at first - I think it was because the texture is very different to what she'd been used to - high meat content, so dry-ish without so much jelly or gravy that she'd been used to. In the end I mixed the first can with water to change the consistency, then stuck to the new foods that she seemed to like more. After a few weeks' gap, I've just tried a second can, and she has wolfed it down without any problems. It's very meaty - looks a bit like corned beef.

06/16/15 | James

Brilliant cat food

Our young cats were on Whiskas and were producing some pretty bad smells in the toilet department...! Read that it could be due to grain / vegetable content which cats struggle to digest so decided to go for something with a higher meat content. The cats went crazy for this stuff first time round and within two days we noticed they seemed to become more active and alert... and bad smells massively reduced! Would highly recommend.


Excellent product

I recommend this cat food highly. It's extremely good value for money. It looks and smells like meat and the cat loves it. After doing some research on meat content and realising how bad the quality of most cat food is, I looked at the reviews on Zooplus and decided for this one. The cat is happy, her fur is soft and beautiful and she's very energetic. For such high meat content Animonda Carny is the best value grain-free wet cat food. Get some!

05/01/15 | Jess


good value for money and both cats love it. one is an especially fussy eater but she absolutely loves this food.

04/28/15 | Michelle


Have been purchasing this product for a while for my cats and they love it and their fur looks amazing. The high meat content is currently helping my seriously ill cat (suspected cancer) maintain her weight (feeding orally) - sllowing her to be more alert/ more like herself and not starve to death on low protein/low quality commerical food -she may not be around for long but she is being well fed on good quality food which her body needs.

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