06/18/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

The best

Best complete wet food on the market, all my cats love it! The 800g tins are very handy if you have several cats at home. Better than countless other products at a very affordable price.
06/13/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk


My Siberian cat loved the feringa kitten and now loves all the flavors of the Classic Meat Menu, and she hasn't had any intestinal problems (which often happens with supermarket foods).
11/28/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

My cats love this food

My cats love it very good quality and high meat content
11/20/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Feringa Classic Meat Menu

Great product that I buy for my spoiled kitten who is a really difficult eater. He always finishes his portion, which is absolutely amazing!
07/09/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk


The 800g tins are so handy when you have multiple cats. However, occasionally my cats are not so keen, perhaps due to the addition of particular ingredients. I'm not sure. The winter edition version with game is very popular with my cats. It would be great if it were available all year round
11/30/18 | Iwona

Great food...

...high meat content. Would like to have mix packs option available.

My cat licked the bowl clean.

I bought the trial pack as my cat is a fussy eater. The 6 x 200 grams trial pack came with one of every flavour. My boy devoured it every time. Really pleased to have found a good quality product that is good value for money. It looks like a paté sort of texture and it doesn't smell unpleasant too.
03/17/18 | Rhonda

Great food at a great price!

My little Bailey Bengal Boy really loves this and it's got a really high meat content!
03/17/18 | Rhonda

Great food at a great price!

My little Bailey Bengal Boy really loves this and it's got a really high meat content!

Excellent food

Fantastic quality food that my pair of cats scoff quickly and lick the plate! Great that there is a mix of different protein sources to stop the cats getting too fussy or becoming intolerant to one. After researching what best to feed them we've settled on a mixture of this fantastic quality tinned food from Zooplus (Feringa and Animonda Carny), Butchers Complete tins and a commercial frozen raw food. My cats are so healthy with amazingly shiny coats and bags of energy. The vet was impressed!
03/06/18 | Lucy Beaghen

Fussy cats like this food.

I have a new rescue cat who was given a main supermarket brand but now eats only this and her poos are firm chocolate logs now! I would recommend it. They all like the rabbit and turkey the best, it is a nice texture and good value for money
02/15/18 | Kayleigh

Licks bowl clean

My cat loves this food. He had been showing signs of being a bit fussy with some of the cheaper, more mainstream cat food. I think this actually smells really nice and meaty so i can understand why he licks his bowl clean each time! Definitely buying this from now on, I think the price is good too; it's worth it to know he is getting a healthy, delicious meal.

My cats love this

I have 6 cats and they all love this meat. Have tried a similar cheaper two previously but this brand was the winner. Looks to be good quality ingredients
01/13/18 | andrea abbott


A good quality food in large tins sadly my cats like a change the mixed pack of 6 was fab, alas you have stopped the mixed packs and I dont want 6 of one flavour, such a shame as its a high quality food

Feringa cat food.

I can highly recommend this cat food . It smells good and looks good. My 2 cats,( and 1 is a very fussy eater ) really love this brand. .Although this product is initially more expensive, it works out cheaper in the long run as there is no wastage, and my cats don't need to keep coming for food as it is so nourishing and filling.I highly recommend this product.
04/30/17 | Carol jamieson

Great looking food

Thought I would give this a try for my renal cat as a treat and I never seen him eat anything so quickly he loved it.as soon as you open the tin you can see an smell the quality the consistency was just perfect as due to his illness suffers from occational ulsers we also have him on katovit renal that he also likes but will certainly give him more feringa as a special treat as it contains the highest quality human grade protein

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