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Good quality food but not for sensitive tummys.

My kitten loves the taste of this food, but unfortunately causes a very upset stomach. Even when mixed with other good quality food bit by bit it doesnt work.
19/03/15 | Diana
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Cats definitely have preferences

I tried the Hill's Senior 11+ to see if our two 14 1/2 year old Burmese cats liked it. They didn't like this food at all. I tried it a few times over the course of 3 days - each time they sniffed it & walked away. I waited a week, then tried it again. They still didn't like it. Also, the food itself once opened & in the bowl has quite a pungent smell. Our cats prefer the Royal Canin Aging food. They always eat it, never turn their noses up at it and it does not smell like the Hill's.
05/11/10 | Sarah
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My kittens like this food - however they lick all the gravy off first and come back for the meaty bits later. If they leave it too long the meaty bits can dry out a bit. To be honest they prefer their Felix, but its not as good quality a food, so they get it on alternate nights. The variety seems to keep them happy.