04/05/15 | Sam
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Very fussy cats liked some but not all

Purchased the Adult Sterilised: Chicken & Salmon, having successfully fed the kitten version to my VERY fussy girls. They weren't too keen on the chicken, but wolfed down the salmon This really is a success for me as they find very little they like
03/05/15 | Hazel
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Bit pricey but good quality food...

I always buy Hill's dry food for my cats as they love it and it is better for them that a lot of other brands. I buy them different wet food from time to time (the bulk of the diet is dry food - the wet food is just an extra really) - this is definitely one of their favorites though and is much better quality than some of the cheaper brands. It is expensive but I think my babies deserve it...
26/04/13 | shelly
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not quite good enough for a Maine Coon, but ok

My Maine coon likes the sauce, will lick it up but leave the chunks. Sometimes she will eat it if nothing else is offered, but she preferred the applaws tins. The other two are very keen of these pouches.
16/04/12 | Yen
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Pretty good, smells quite strong though!

My kitten is quite a lazy eater, he does seem to like this food though. He licks all the gravy off first and then will think about eating the meat! It does smell quite strong and makes my whole house smell if he doesn't eat immediately though. Pretty good overall I would say.