We ve bought it for our Maine Coon 3 mths ago and we really are happy with it. It really keeps the wet food fresh for longer and closed off from flies. It s easy to clean and our kitty was quick to grasp using it after just 48 hours and training mode. The only caveat is that you can't wash the bowls in the dishwasher but at the same time, it s easy to clean them by hand-maybe sth producer would look into improving in the future. Recommend having extra bowl set -I change them very 2nd day
12/26/18 | Adam

I'm gutted, even though it's a great product

Unfortunately, like only 1 other reviewer, this product seems to be ineffective for my situation. Bought 2 and the greedy cat took to it immediately, but the one who likes to graze won't go near it. He doesn't want to put his head under the arch, and the motor sound terrifies him. Alas, I was so excited for this and feel really sad. Otherwise it's a great product.
12/17/18 | Fran Low

Be careful if you have very large cats

I have used these for about 6 years, have 4 cats & 3 feeders, they are all on different diets. One will eat nothing but biscuits - sadly. One on a renal diet, one on a normal elderly diet & have just rescued a skip diver, counter surfer dustbin cat. My Maine coon cannot use his properly. He has a very long neck & because his microchip is between his shoulder blades, it won't recognise it until his head is out the other side of the arch. It then opens & he panics running off with it around his neck. I could use the rfd tag, but, he has never had a collar & feeding him on the hall windowsill at the top of the stairs that only he can reach, seemed an easier option. They are rather large & tricky to clean, especially if your cat eats like a rotavator! Very good item that does save you money as less waste from spoiled food.
12/14/18 | Jackie

At last!

I didn’t think my daft cat was going to get it but after almost 6 weeks he’s had a eureka moment and ‘by Jove he’s got it’! We have one cat on a special diet so now he’s learned which bowl is his and all going well. Great idea just give it time and they will get it eventually. Only one design flaw is when on trainer mode the light constantly flashes draining the battery and as with our stupid cat got through lots during that phase.
09/15/18 | Christina

A problem solved

I put a few treats in the bowl and my cat's chip was registered straight away. The learning process is well designed. My fussy grazer learned to use this within a few days. Now I can leave her food down, safe in the knowledge my other cat - an ex-stray, rubbish bag raider who is *always* hungry - can't steal it. Only negatives are the box wasn't glued together properly and fell apart when opened. And I find the open/close switch sometimes doesn't register it was pressed.
08/31/18 | Tony

Amazing customer service

My feeder wouldn't recognise the cat and would only open for a second before closing on her snout! Went through the troubleshooting guide with no luck and was sent a new feeder out within 2 days. Superb can't praise them enough. Well done guys.
08/30/18 | Annmarie Curran

Best purchase ever

I bought 3 and its definitely money well spent, my fur babies all get their own food to eat without stealing leftovers.

I now have two!

So good keeping the kitten from eating the old guy's food - but as she grew a little and started with more adult food - had to get another to prevent him eating hers! great product - no more flies!! woohoo
04/26/18 | alison gallagher

OMG - best thing ever - no more wasted food & increased appetite

I thought I was going to have to send this back - took my dippy cat about 10 days to get used to it. Do take your time using the training mode - it really does pay off. Now he headbutts the flap out of the way to get to his food. Our cat is grazer rather than a scoffer. So his food dries out or the flies get it.Basically we bin around a third of his food. Not anymore, this seals it, keeps it moist and fresh and no flies can get to it. In fact, at last he is eating more food than ever.
04/09/18 | Janet Ware


These feeders are fab . My female cat would finish off her brothers food as well as her own . She’s now on a diet and can only eat her own food . Brilliant !

Know your cat!

I feel slightly guilty giving this a so-so review - the product seems to work perfectly, but it was a complete waste of money for us. The cat that is the main reason we got it - he's getting bullied out of his food - won't go near it. He is intimidated by the noise and hates having something over his head. He'd rather go hungry than use it. I should have known better! We'll have to try to sell it on, I guess.
03/24/18 | Julie Howes

Answer to our prayers!

In a multiple cat home, our 4 microchip feeders are perfect for our 6 large Maine Coons and 2 smaller breeds to have dietary their needs successfully met. All took very quickly to the sounds and movement (even a very timid one). Batteries last surprisingly long considering how often they are used by snacking cats. No trouble from flies whatsoever in warmer months as units seal food off. These feeders couldn't meet their needs any better; very cleverly designed with a lot of thought.
03/24/18 | Julie Howes

Keeps flies at bay!

Excellent and economic way of keeping cat food free from flies as the lid seals so well. No issues with my cat getting used to it and no issues with food theft too -bonus!
03/01/18 | Jackie Steele

Perfect for Multi cat Households

I bought one to try it out and it's fab. I have 2 cats who are chipped to this feeder as one of my other cats has to watch his diet. I also have a small female who has a delicate stomach so I am just about to order another so she can have her special food without the others taking it from her. Brilliant product, highly recommended.
01/18/18 | Rob C

Best cat product ever

With two rescue British Shorthairs, one of whom I've learned will eat her body-weight in food per day given a chance, well, unsurprisingly she's been putting on weight and her sister has been losing out. So I bought two of these and slowly introduced the door movement over some weeks and now it's the new normal for them, with each cat automatically going to her feeder. This means I can better portion control and can obviously tell which cat has eaten what. Expensive? Not at all. A godsend.
12/28/17 | Maria

Worth the money

We have 3 cats, one who is a pig and will eat 10 portions and still meow for more, and 2 who graze throughout the day. I bought 2 and the difference these have made is huge! Buster AND Daisy have both lost weight &Lily has gained a bit! The girls can pick throughout the day without Buster stealing it - fabulous! Daisy was skeptical at first and took a while to accept but they all get their share of food now which is fab. Only downside is that the unit is a pain to clean.
12/11/17 | Jan Wilson

Update - bought 2 more!!!

I previously bought 1 Superfeed for Zoey as she had to have a special diet. Shortly after our 17 year old Ziggy had to have a special diet too, so bought another 2 - Zoey's sister Kizzy has no problems!!!. Although an elderly cat, Ziggy took to it iimmediateley and without any encouragement. A great advantage is that it's possible to monitor just how much each cat eats. Highly recommend.

A Life Changer!

With 3 cats all on different diets, and 2 dogs just waiting in the wings to polish off any leftovers, these feeders have revolutionised my life! Luckily my cats are ruled by their stomachs so accepted the noise of the feeder opening very quickly... All 3 of them within a week! I can now ensure each cat gets their specific food, if any need medication, that's sorted too, and if I go away my cat sitter can be sure of who is eating what and in what quantities! Fabulous investment!
09/29/17 | Sarah


My two cats are very nervous so I took the time to very slowly introduce them to their feeders, longer than the instructions suggested. It is a life saver, when one needs medication in their food the other can't nick any, and as one is on a diet I can now weigh out and monitor what he eats. Such a brilliant design, worth every penny and my cats love eating from them! If you have any problems contact their excellent customer service team, really impressed with them.
09/21/17 | Jan Wilson

Excellent product

Zoey is a nervy cat but loves playing with toys, and I think she believes this is a toy!! I left it open for first few days and got her to go near it by putting a row of Dreamies leading up to where her chip would be recognised. She now opens it up without eating anything just wo watch it open and close!!

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