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Great carrier once assembled correctly

I read a lot of reviews on this carrier on different sites before buying. Lots of reviews say it's warped but it's from the way it's packed. The assembly is annoying but it's a great carrier for rabbits once made. I have used it for rabbits, the top opening makes vet trips for rabbits less stressful and easier for getting them in and out. I have a Flemish giant who weighs almost 5kg and it feels secure for his weight. Also easy to secure the carrier by seat belt in the car.
15/12/16 | Emma
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Read the instructions!

I was a bit hesitant after reading some of the reviews about the plastic being so poorly made that it didn't fit together - however after reading the instructions, they state that this will be the case due to how the box is packaged, but once you fiddle about and align, it will line up and fit together. My cats are ragdolls, the bigger one weighing about 6 kilos. She has plenty of room to move around in this, and doesn't hate it anywhere near as much as her previous softer case. Recommend!
05/09/16 | Donna
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Love it

Don't think this is cheap/flimsy as others have said. My cat weighs 6kg & I don't feel worried that anything will break/fall apart. It was a bit awkward lining everything up when 1st put together, but nothing a little patience couldn't overcome. Because the front opens up wide it's so much easier to get my boy in & I didn't arrive at the vets scratched & bleeding. Only negative is that underside of the handle is flat & uncomfortable to hold with a heavy cat. Will have to wrap some padding round.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Nobby Avior Pet Carrier

This would be the perfect cat carrier if the flaps located more accurately and the clasps were more robust. The whole top of the carrier can be removed for access and that is the big advantage of the carrier but this also means that the carrier hangs from these clasps when lifted so make sure they are really well snapped into place. We have put a luggage strap around ours as extra security and would not use it without it - the front flap still opens wide to give plenty of room for reluctant cat extraction!