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Best litter

I’ve tried most litters but this is by far the best I’ve used. It clumps really well and it’s so easy to scoop so I find it lasts for ages. The only downside is that it tracks everywhere. Hence the four stars. It’s so light it sticks to their paws and fur. But to be honest it’s a small price to pay. I wouldn’t go back to any other litter.
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It does stick

Otherwise it is economical to use, and it does trap odours. I do not flush it down the toilet, I compost it. I used to get the clay litters but I changed houses and this one has wooden floors. This litter does not scratch the floors and the cats seem to have no problems using it. But it does stick in their paws and it is all over the place. Hence the 4 stars only. But then I have 6 cats.
18/10/18 | Beth
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I am very happy with this cat litter and am impressed by the clumping and Oder control. It does track, especially around the area of the litter tray but my cat does also like to kick it everywhere and I have never found it beyond the bathroom where her litter tray is. For a natural clumping litter it is perfect for my cat.
12/06/18 | Mrs D
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Better than cats best

Tried small pack to start with then bought largest. Agree with others that it tracks more and does have a very slight odour but for me the difference in price is well worth it. I have to hoover up constantly with the other brand anyway.
13/07/17 | Michele
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Identical to the 'Best Oko Cat Litter'

Seriously, identical! Someone reviewed it and said 'no tracking, unlike Oko litter'. So I bought it. I am really happy with the Oko litter, except for the tracking, and, as this is identical, I will be really happy this too.
28/04/17 | Catherine
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Very pleased

After 18 months of dealing with my 12 yr old rescue either weeing on the floor purposefully or missing her tray, I decided to change her brand of litter in case that was the reason. It turns out it was. I've gone from using Fresh News/Yesterday's News to Greenwoods/Cat's Best, and in the 6 weeks since she's only had one near miss, compared to several per week. I haven't noticed any difference at all between Greenwoods and Cat's Best. Both track, but I'd rather that than cleaning up wee.
09/02/17 | Agnieszka
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The Best

This is one of the best cat litter out of several different kinds I’ve used over years. Good value for money and for odour control.
30/01/17 | Hannah
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Clumps well, very messy

This is the best litter I've tried in terms of clumping and smell. I've tried silica litter, various types of clay, World's Best clumping and loads more but this clumps so well. The downside is it tracks EVERYWHERE. Like my entire house gets covered in it and I need to vacuum it up every single day without fail. But I keep using it cos of how well it clumps
31/03/16 | Uta
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Quite good

I'm quite pleased with the product. It creates much less dust than clumping clay litters I've used so far, although I still prefer to fill/refill sandboxes in the open air so the wind can blow finer dust particles away. Clumping and absorbency are good and I like the scent that masks urine smell quite efficiently. A percentage of particles does have sharper edges/ends, however, and I noticed that the heavier one of my two toms seems somewhat reluctant to dig and move around in the litterbox.
15/10/15 | Rachel
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Great but does track!

The only down side to this litter is it does Track. Odur control is amazing, clumps nicely, cats like it and it isn't dusty. Love this and its great value too especially if you get the bulk offer!
29/08/15 | Leanne
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Good change

This is the first time I have had pedigree/indoor cats, so I have tried a few different litters. This one is definitely the best so far. The fresh pine smell is great and it clumps really well. However, there is A LOT of tracking! From hoovering every other day, I now do it every day - but it's not too much of a hassle. All round, a good choice and excellent value for money.
08/08/15 | Vanessa hughes
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Fantastic litter!

I would normally buy oko but as this is cheaper I decided to try it, I'm very pleased, I find the clumping slightly better than oko, there isn't any nasty smells, but like oko it does of course track. I haven't done a full litter change in weeks, just top ups as Bronns wee/poo is so easily removed. I gave four stars as my bag was ripped when this arrived so I could not use it to store the litter.
03/05/15 | Margaret Rodgers
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Not bad BUT tracts all round the house

I have 3 cats, two Siamese and one half Siamese, all mainly house cats and even when they do venture out to the garden they all traipse back into the house to use the litter tray. I have tried numerous litters over the the years and this one comes up pretty good. It clumps very well, is lightweight, seems to mask unpleasant smells, no dust, good size bags BUT contrary to what other reviewers have said it does track and I am constantly hoovering up which is hard work and annoying. I may have to revert to Cats Best Gold as so far is the least non tracking litter I can find unless someone can advise me otherwise please?😄