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My cat ran away when I opened the bag

This product should not exist, the lavender perfume is like a detergent, my cat literally ran away when he smelled the litter.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 1/5

Don't do it (or make sure you've got an alternative on standby)

I've read reviews saying cats found the smell too strong, but thought it would be fine for my properly litter trained cat. Not so. Poo'd and wee'd on carpet twice when he was near the lavender litter. Luckily I had a little of the red bag leftover in the downstairs tray, so he luckily used that for wees when near. In desperation I used cheap Lidl litter that I had from when we got him as a kitten, and he went in it straight away. Reordering the extra strength instead now. Expensive mistake.