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Truly the world's best!

I have had cats for 40 years and have tried all sorts of litter over the years. This litter is definitely the best I have ever used.. It clumps hard, so there is very little waste, and the lavender type has a very subtle fragrance which simply keeps the litter area fresh. Very little tracking. The cats like it. It really is the world's best!
08/03/18 | Anna porter
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This is the best litter ever no smell at all plus louie loves it.it last ages too much better than all the others
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Best Litter ever

We have 16 cats, all living happily in the house. So we needed to find a suitable litter. About 15 years ago we came across Worlds best, We took the advertising that it would save us money, reduce the smells from the trays etc... Well Oh My God, it doesn't just live up to all the reviews, but it exceeds them. We will Never change to another brand
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Thank God for this litter really saving my back, very little waist, long lasting, very good odour control, in the long run works out cheaper, for example far less black bags used for disposal, less cleaning saves time and cleaning product's such as wipes and disinfectant. Much cheaper to buy from Zooplus, only negative one bag of litter was ripped and I had to tape it up. My two cats started using this litter with no problem.
01/07/17 | Louisa
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All cat owners need this

I have 3 cats and this cat litter is simply amazing - it is a bit more expensive than your average cat litter but you do save as you don't have to buy it as often. I used to change the cat litter 2-3 times a week but with this I only change it every 2 weeks. I do obviously scoop out bits in between but as this cat litter forms into lumps it is so easy to just scoop out and you can even flush the scooped bits down the toilet. Also no cat litter all over the floor once the cats get out.
25/05/17 | Abi
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This litter really is the worlds best. I have 2 young house cats in a flat who love to pee A LOT and this is so much better than the catsan which I was using previously. So so easy to clean the clumps out and no smell what so ever. Slightly pricier than other brands but totally worth it for the fact the flat doesn't have a cat pee smell anymore! Lasts a long time aswell.
05/02/17 | Sarah
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My 3 meezers love it!

The best litter we have found for our picky indoor Siamese cats. The odour control is excellent. We have 2 girls and a boy using the same tray, just a quick scoop twice a day and everyone is happy.
08/01/16 | Katarzyna
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It's brilliant

Absolutely love this litter. We used to use silicone litter but it smelled really bad, didn't last long, and stuck to the cats' paws really bad. This one is amazing. None of the problems mentioned before. Very easy to clean. We buy the super strength one as there are 4 kitties using the litter box.
11/11/15 | Barbara Fermie
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Pricey but brilliant

This cat litter is second to none, every now and again I try a different cat litter as worlds best appears to be expensive, I always revert back to worlds best anything else just seems to be false economy, I have been using this litter for 9 years and the lavender one is my favourite.
05/11/15 | Maryanne
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Love the product. Have tried many a type but nothing beats this. My white Persian loves it. Can be slightly dusty but a small price to pay for great clumping and odour control.
03/09/15 | jenny
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lasts forever, doesn't smell and easy to pick up

I've tried loads of cat litter for my cat Ziggy and I prefer the clumping ones since they last longer, doesn't leave any smell at all AND is fresher for us , the cat and the flat. This is natural so no weird added stuff and very easy to manage - when ziggy been to the toilet, i just scoop up the ball of pee, no mess! it really IS the best cat litter in the world!
19/08/15 | Jackie Jones
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excellent cat litter

This is by far the best cat litter on the market and the lavender fragrance is great. Just added a third cat to my household and all three give it the paws up!
16/08/15 | Patricia Booth
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Truly the best cat litter in the world!!

No more smells and so economic to use. We have two large house cats and were spending a fortune on cat litter and still had a house that always smelt vaguely of cat poo !! No more !! Two giant covered litter trays and a sack of The Worlds Best Cat Litter ( for multiple cats) and the problem was solved. Every morning and evening we just scoop out the cat mess , straight down the loo and it's perfectly clean and smell free for the next day. The giant sack lasts us 6 weeks for two cats so that is only about £4 a week ! Well worth every penny. And no more lugging heavy cat litter home from the shops. It's delivered straight to our front door . Thank you Zooplus
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Our cats love it!

I was hesitant to purchase the Lavender version of the World's Best Cat Litter as we have tried various litters and types over the years and more recently the original World's Best Cat Litter. However, I needn't have worried! As a 6 cat household with several litter bins scattered around I decided to try just one bin with the Lavender litter. For the rest of the day all 6 cats would only use the one bin! You've guessed it - the Lavender bin. So our cats made their own judgement call on which litter we buy!
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I've tried many types of litter and can say without doubt one of the best litters have used. I have 2 cats and the clumping is instant. Minimum tracking, can be flushed down the toilet. And more importantly it last for ages as long as you empty the solids and clumps daily. Recommend this cat litter very highly. Expensive, but well worth it.
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Best litter in the world however won't buy this lavender one again, perfume is too strong. All I could smell when I came into house. I have 5 cats and they all used the non perfumed trays before the lavender one. Still a fantastic product, wouldn't use anything else, but will stick to non perfumed one.
04/02/15 | Ann
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I have 4 cats and used to use the multi-cat litter but this fragranced version is even better. They are all 'fair weather' cats- don't go out unless the weather's good so the litter trays get plenty of use- but this product is brilliant- no odours at all. I thought the lavender fragrance might put them off but they have taken to it fine. I would highly recommend it.
19/01/15 | Liz
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Have used this brand for a considerable time now and wouldn't use anything else. We have a five cat household so it needs to be good. This fragrant version is an added bonus and smells lovely without being overpowering. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
15/01/15 | Tamara and Richard Parker (the cat)
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Why can't I give it 10 stars?

This is truly, by far, the best cat litter I have ever tried. We only had the cat since early November, he was accustomed to Catsan non clumping, but we soon changed him to a clumping type and soon after that to one that advertised itself as the best in the world and the only one that could be flushed down the loo. With all three I had nothing but litter all over the house, as they would stick to my cats paws like glue and then free itself anywhere! After reading the reviews I thought "well, it's expensive but if it stops him from spreading it around, then it'll be worth it". I bought this offer in Lavander, started it off by adding some to the then current litter, to get him accustomed to the smell. As if by magic, and with only a handful of this, there was no more smell and instead, a gentle breeze of lavander wrapped the dining room (where the box is), very pleasant. Soon after that I changed the whole tray and I haven't seen any litter on the floor at all, aside from a very few bits on the tray rug. It clumps incredibly well and dry, so no more dirty scoop, there's absolutely no smell whatsoever and I think this is definitely the best litter ever. Thank you very much!
19/12/14 | Rosemary
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It really is THE best cat litter

How do you rave about cat litter? It was recommended to me by a friend and I think it's great, it clumps neatly so it's easy to remove the waste, it doesn't smell horrible and actually masks the smell of the wee and the poo (you can get the Super variety and that has it's own smell to help mask more but I didn't need that) My cat uses it and he is very fussy about his litter so go with Dave and buy this litter!