13/10/18 | Rosie
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No warning when its near the end!

I think litter locker is an amazing product and an absolute must have if you have indoor cats but my one issue with it is that there is no warning when it is nearing the end of the cartridge. I was away for a few days last Christmas and a friend was looking after my cats The refill ran out during that time and so it just fell through. I had only given instructions to my friend to scoop, put the waste in and and pull the flush so that's what she continued to do, unaware it had run out! AWFUL MESS
22/07/17 | Jaine Brent
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Great at first but then...

After owning my litter locker for 6 months it is now outside and redundant. Back to poo bags. The smell from it started after about 5 months and then got so bad you could smell it two rooms away. It was cleaned regularly but I think the pull handle and centre opening sections just start to gape and game over. Smell completely gone now. Shame, worked well in the beginning.