01/05/17 | Merita King
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Fab product

This is a wonderful product, I wish I'd bought one ages ago. It really does keep smells locked away and the bagging system is easy enough to use. The refill cartridges are stupidly expensive though so I'm going to have a go using a tie handled bin liner when the current cartridge runs out. With 3 cats I'd be paying a fortune in refills, which ain't happening, believe me. I would definitely recommend this product.
03/05/12 | L Richards
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Litter Locker 11 and refill comments

This is generally a great idea I have 5 cats and the first cartridge has lasted 5 weeks. The downside is that the cartridge is a lot more expensive than using a carrier bag, even though we now have to pay 5p for all carrier bags in Wales; also something sharp on the edge of the cartridge caused a tear a couple of times which wasted 2 lots of plastic 'pull downs'. I like the neatness as I hate to see plastic bags lying about.I keep it out in the garden but there is certainly no smell. As others say - a plastic handle would be useful please but no metal that would rust.
16/08/11 | Debs
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Good but difficult to move around/carry

This is a marvel, a fantastic invention! I have 3 cats, and 4 litter boxes. So I need to move the litter locker around the house as I clean out the boxes each day. That is when the litter locker fails for me - as it has no handles! It is very cumbersome to carry and if you don't carry it correctly it can fall open and leave a stink! This is a great product if you are just going to have it standing next to the litter tray and not move it until you empty it (the bags inside are easy enough to carry). Litter Locker inventors please please please invent a litter locker 3 with handles!!! :-D
18/06/11 | Michael
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Litter Locker 2

Overall not a bad product. The big issue is that when it fills up, it is hard to carry. They should have put handles on it. Apart from that the product works well at storing soiled litter. I ran out of the refills and tried using various other options such as a garbage bag, and smaller grocery store bags. Neither worked. The marketing guys have thought it through, you must use a refill or the odour returns.