Not tear resistant at all

I've found myself having to use two bags at a time just to prevent tearing. These are poor quality.
03/15/21 | Egle

Good bags

I have tried few manufacturers bags already and this is my favorite. It is thicker and dimensions (Jumbo) are big enough for the XL box. Yes, cats may scratch it, but it is the same with all plastic bags.

Savic Bag it Up Litter Tray Bags

These do serve a purpose but unfortunately, they are not as rip proof as claimed. My cat rips these up a treat while using her litter box!

Not great

The door nowhere near fits and it stands at rest inside the box as you can see in pic
11/17/18 | Abbi

Great, no leaks!

Absolutely life changing having a top entry litter box. Everyone saying how it is hard to clean round the bumps on the inside we haven't found too hard. We use Okko best cat litter which also is amazing, the two together make litter box chores far easier!
11/11/18 | Sammy


Wish I had bought this toilet ages ago. 6kg 8 month old maine coon lots of space use together with the clumping litter took a full bag but scoop out mess twice a day and change monthly. Very easy to keep clean well worth the money
11/02/18 | Mrs. C Dennis

Excellent Cat Litter Tray!

I bought this tray because our lovely girl flicks the litter everywhere! I'm very pleased with this product.It is strong, of good quality and she seems to like using it .
10/30/18 | Beth

Great for kittens

Bought this to teach my two kittens to use a covered litter box. It is still fine for them to use but as they get bigger I will need to buy a larger one, but will likely keep this one as a spare anyway. The only thing I don't like about it, is that it doesn't have a filter, so even after a few hours of use the smells build up inside. Another reason I may choose to ditch this one completely. Overall though, a great starter tray for kittens.

Cheap, flimsy but ok overall

Bought this as a third litter tray for my 3 cats. Wanted a covered tray to discreetly fit on the bottom shelf of an open shelving unit in a passageway. This was the only one of a suitable size. No handle and very flimsy construction but extremely cheap. Does the job. My cats use it and they are all medium sized - 4.7 kilo ish
08/06/18 | Carol Anne Scott

Great litter tray for a large cat!

I can recommend this litter tray for anyone who has a large cat. My cat is a Maine Coon cross and I had difficulty finding a tray big enough for him to use comfortably and also holding a large quantity of litter as he likes to dig a deep hole. The raised back ensures that the litter stays put. Great product and looks good too!

Does exactly what I wanted it for.

This cat litter tray has saved me lots of time cleaning up after my little girl. She starts her wee sitting at the back of the tray and slowly stands up - peeing over the edge! In desperation I looked for a high sided tray and this one is perfect - no more wee outside the tray. It also stops litter being kicked out the back. I recommend this litter tray.
06/20/18 | MrsMalcolm


I’m about to buy these litter trays for the 3rd time, they are a great size and price.

Works ok but door doesn’t close

I bought two of these, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. No complaints about the quality. The clips are stron and sturdy yet easy to undo. Better than the sliding clips on other models. The door is my big complaint. Weird design. It hangs slightly inwards of the door frame so there is always a big gap and smells escape easily. Not much point in the carbon filter. I like the size and quality, but am now looking for an equivalent with a normal door design.

Large enough but not tear-resistant

I bought the largest size and they are truly enormous, far too big for my litter tray, which actually works well as the seams are outside the tray. They are not, however, tear-resistant. Every time I change the liner, there are leaks into the tray below from where my cats have scratched to cover their mess. I have yet to find a liner that is truly tear-resistant, though these are a decent thickness of plastic. I'll order again if I can't find a better brand, but they're not perfect.
03/01/18 | Val

Great Litter Box

Very happy with my purchase. Our two boys started using it straight away. It is rather large and slightly bulky, but looks really good and easy to clean. Due to the corner shape it gives our boys tons of space to maneuver inside the litter box, which is a huge plus point. Please keep in mind that it requires quite some litter to fill it, but it is absolutely worth it.

Excellent Tray

This is a great tray for my less mobile older cat. I like the grated area at the front for catching litter from her feet. Nice neutral colour too. Highly recommend.

Savic nestor covered litter tray xxl

Very good my 2 cats love the new toilet ...More space and higth is perfect for them . 20kg clumping cat litter to fill the tray and no more litter outside de tray
02/09/18 | Maon

maine coons

I have 2 maine coon kittens, 5 & 6kg. They like this litter box from the day 1.
01/23/18 | Heather Lukins

Good price, tall back, substantial plastic, narrow pan, very pleased

Narrow litter tray but excellent height at back for tall boy cats! My large siamese boy likes to pee on tippy toe and doesn't always crouch down so this catches the pee rather than it going up the wall!. It has been a Godsend and the girls will use these trays by preference as well. Very pleased. I don't bother with attaching the white plastic but if you have a scratcher it would catch the litter rather than being kicked out of the pan. Also a very good price. Easy to clean. Substantial plastic.
01/20/18 | Tracey

Not sure how long will last

This really is an XXL box! A bit too large for my young ragdoll but will be fine once grown. The amount of cat litter required to adequately fill the tray is something I hadn't considered. A 6 litre bag of crystal litter is not deep enough, will need another bag so is exspensive. Main issue is that it seems not very robust. The clips on the side will need frequent use to remove lid for litter change, seem quite flimsy. Also the front flap was broken on delivery (one of the pegs was snapped).

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