16/01/19 | Angela Woodcock
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Happy Tummy

My maine coone had horrendous diarrhoea, he was tested for everything and hospitalised once for 3 days. Nothing was found, so they suggested it may be his food. After seeing the reviews on here I tried a small bag and hey presto. All my other moggies are eating it too and the poo production has reduced greatly
03/01/19 | Neil Yates
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Indoor 27, now Indoor

We have given Royal Canin Indoor 27 to our cats for 10+ years. I wish it had been available or I had known about it for our previous five cats. Having said that, they all lived for 19-20 years. We have 15 at this time and Royal Cannin is main used but also some Hills prescription (3 types) for 6 of them
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I have 4 ragdoll cats,2 of whom (aged 2 and 8months)have always suffered with loose very smelly poo.Despite vet treatment and special diets from the vet there was no great improvement. Since feeding them all on this food and ENCORE wet food the problem is solved. They all love their meals and clean their bowls and no more disgusting litter trays.
30/11/18 | Suzanne
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3 Spoiled Ragdolls

I have 3 large Ragdolls they absolutely love this food I have 1 who’s not fussed with wet food and prefers just eating this , my ginger Tom I used to have would only ever eat this never touched wet. I’m a little bit annoyed that the price had gone up quite a bit by over £15 wondering if I should try buying it elsewhere but still fab food . Come on Zooplus if it’s cheaper to buy from you than elsewhere put the price back down to £29 for 10kg pleaseeeeeee
27/11/18 | Michelle
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Cats love it

I bought the small bag initially to try for my three cats aged 13/14. They can be quite picky so I was surprised when they loved this dry food. I have since bought the large bag which was quite expensive though cost effective as they don’t waste any of it.
24/11/18 | Angela W
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Fantastic Value

Great product ... Great price ... Prompt delivery ... Would highly recommend!
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Great product

My cats never refuse to eat this. Much better than feeding wet food that gets left
20/11/18 | Coolio's Mum
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No Hairball

Switched big puss to this hairball diet during the summer. Within a couple of weeks, he stopped throwing up hairballs and has not done any since. He seems to like the taste too.
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Beyond excellent same with price and delivery
11/11/18 | Jennifer Muskett
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Excellent product really works

Since we put our 4 mature cats on this we have had no hair balls. We mix 50/50 with another biscuit which is good for our breed of cats. When occasionally we ran out they started vomiting hairballs again so we do feel it works.
15/10/18 | Mrs christine spiby
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My cats love this my oldest is 25 its always readily eaten and cats all look well on it HIGHLY RECCOMENDED
10/10/18 | Jude C
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Fussy cats? Not anymore!

We have been trying out various other cat foods - particularly non grain diets as they are better for animas, but although our 3 cats will eat them, they still indicate (quite strongly at times!) that they are still hungry & not for the food I have given. So, after a summer of trying & seemingly failing I bought a 4kg of Savoir Exigent by Royal Canin. This has been the fastest demolition of a bag of food ever! All 3 of them LOVE this. So if your furry four-legged feline is being fussy try this.
22/09/18 | Jen Irving
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My bengal cat had colitis from a kitten and this is the only thing that sorted her out.
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Royal canine

Good value my pets love it
17/09/18 | Evey
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What a difference this has made!!

We have a mid-long haired cat, so she always needs to do that extra bit of grooming! I noticed a while ago that her fur was getting a bit matted in places, so thought I'd try this... OMG what a difference it's made!! I found it took slightly longer than 3 weeks to really see the huge difference, but this was totally worth it. Her fur is now shiny and sooo soft! I would 100% recommend this to anyone who wants to give their cat that extra bit of skin & hair care!!
05/09/18 | Tracy Wilkinson
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Don't believe the hype!

I gave my two cats this food for years with no problem then I heard how bad it was so I changed them to a grain free diet. My Devon Rex was okay on the grain free, however, my Siberian became very ill with blood in her loose poo! She had tests at the vet which all came back negative. We traced the decline in her health back to the change in her diet. I put her back onto Royal Canin and she made a full recovery! One size does not fit all and grain free does not suit all cats!!
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Excellent dry food. My cat had suffered with runny, foul smelling poos since I got him 6 years ago and I have tried everything. Dry food seemed to make him worse and he also had colitis whenever I gave it to him. I persevered with this one and it is brilliant. Solid poo with hardly any smell and he loves it! Five stars from me!
08/08/18 | Beata
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My cat loves this!

Great product at a great price! I buy the 'Sensible' version as my cat has sensitive digestive system and other types of food give him diarrhoea! No issues with Sensible and he absolutely loves it! Been eating it for 2-3 years now and hasn't got bored yet! :) :) :)
01/06/18 | klenik
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Elles ont aime ! donc c'est BON

Usely, they don't eat the same food (too much spoiled!).. BUT this time they both LOVE it!
29/05/18 | Mr Paul Newton
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Royal Canin Mainecoons

Excellent value for money