Excellent cat tree

My cat love it! This is my second cat tree my cat used Atlas for play and sleep .


Im glad that i bought this tree! :D

We bought this cat tree 7 months ago and it's still nice and sturdy! :D We have 4 cats and they love this cat tree.Our cats are kinda big too (6kg,5kg,4kg,4kg).And they also sleep in hammocks together xD And it still haven't breaked down! :D Very good cat tree for the price ;) Definitely will buy again if needed!

08/22/19 | Aga

My cat loves it

My cat loved it from day one. He sits at the highest level and observes everything out of the window (best place to put it) and he will nap there, look at birds, look at us, play even eat. The only bad thing is that 1,5 and i had to start stapling in loose rope coming off, now 3 years in it is all wobbly beyond repair, so have to buy a new one. Its around 30e a year you pay, but wish it lasted a bit longer (5 years).

01/22/19 | Maria

Kittens love this!

Quick to put up (with 2 of us) and the kittens both love it! They play running up and down it, scratch away with their claws on it, climb, jump and survey their kingdom from it and then sleep in the 2 hammocks whenever they get tired. Have it near a window and the bed so they can either jump on my child 😂 or watch the neighbourhood.

01/07/19 | Paulina

Great tree

I just love it. So far cats keep on watching ;) Sturdy well sized tree. Had to make my own adjustment as is too high for british homes. But looks great!

07/14/18 | Mark


Shame the delivery beat the shit out of the parcel before it got here, contents were a bit scuffed but overall great product and my hairy daughters love it.

05/15/18 | Melanie Rodger

Great quality

Being Zooplus my expectations going on past experience was high, however this exceeded my expectations! It's sturdy, very well designed and as an added bonus it additionally looks great. The pods/hammocks are huge and comfortably house my two cats together which is a bonus. A fantastic buy and great value - thank you

01/01/18 | Cat Hayes

Don't trust the description

First time I ordered grey,it was brown! Sent pics and was told the pics looked grey!! Then I was informed it wasn't made in grey!! My kitties loved it so I ordered a second to match,lo and behold the second one was grey! So now I'm left with 2 trees that don't match! Rude and unhelpful customer service

09/01/17 | Cathy Weston

Love it

Absolutely love this cat tree. Whilst I was building it my curious kitties were already all over it. The beds hammocks are well made and strong. Very sturdy. Only criticism is that you have to hold the material for the hammock beds firmly whilst you tighten the posts otherwise it's crumpled the material - or the posts aren't in firm enough.

05/11/17 | Stef

Our cats love this

Our kitties are never happier than when they are in the top cup together. It strains a little under the stress of having them both in one hammock! But amazingly it has lasted for well over a year with this intense usage. Downsides: the fabric is peeling off, it makes a lot of fluff mess and after disassembling for a move one of the screw sections has lost it's grip and this is now super rickety. They love it so much it's worth buying a replacement!

12/14/16 | Hollie

lifespan...2 years!

We bought this tree two years ago for our kittens. they love it just as much now as they did then! It has lasted two years (needed to swap the less scratched poles for more sratched ones a couple of times) but it is now time for a new one as they have worn it out! will definately be buying the same one again. never seen others in this country that are so sturdy, well designed and large enough for adult cats (the best ones come from Germany!!). also reasonably priced - we are happy to pay (it was £60 2 years ago) £70 every two years for this!

04/15/16 | Jass

atlas cat tree

Very sturdy well built tree. I have a very happy kitty, however it took longer to arrive than it should have. Got an email from the delivery company stating they were expecting to deliver it that day but It hadn't been given to them. Also I ordered it in grey and received brown. Too much hassle to return, seeing as it came from Germany to the UK. But overall the product is great, service not great this time! But no past issues.

03/26/16 | Jo

Good value but colour not as advertised

Simple to put together, seems sturdy so far and doesn't take up masses of space! I ordered the grey one, but up against my grey curtails and cats it looks brown which is a bit disappointing.

03/16/16 | Y Martin


Ordered the Atlas Cat Tree on 03 03 2016, eventually arrived today 16 03 2016, no instructions or screws to erect the pieces. The cat is enjoying the big box. She will be returning to her home in 2 weeks, not much time left to use the tree.

03/10/16 | Orie

Fantastic buy! My kitten loves it!

I bought this climbing tree 3 months ago for my young Bengal cat. She absolutely loves it, it gets used every day, she loves to nap on the top bed. The quality is excellent! Even it gets used and scratched everyday, it is still in the top quality. We placed the tree next to the big window, so our cat can watch birds outside. I would definitely recommend it!

08/19/15 | Keith Jones

Slightly Disappointing

I have brought many things from Zoo-plus normally quality is second to none, but we were disappointed with this item. The lower box is made of very flimsy cardboard with very little strength, to make it usable and stable for 3 big cats I have had to fix tubing inside. But otherwise very happy with service and products.


Absolutely fantastic!

This cat tree is brilliant! I have two large full grown male cats who adore scratching, playing on and sleeping on this amazing value cat tree. Looks great in my front room, easy to assemble and stays put with minimal shaking when my boys scale it! I have recently got an 8 wk female kitten and I can't wait until she's old enough to climb up this too! 10 out of 10 Zooplus!


Excellent cat tree

After the initial assembly left 1 hammock and 1 scratchy post left over due to a bit of a cock-up on calculating the height of the tree against the actual real world height of our ceiling. A bit of a re-think re-assemble meant that the only left over bit I had was 1 allen bolt. So now we've got a fully assembled cat tree in our living room and No 1 cat (FiFi) absolutely loves it. Combine the tree with some swishy, chasey feather toys and you've got a winning combination. With the adjustable bracing pad nicely tight against the ceiling the tree is pretty stable, so much so that I've not really thought that any additional support is needed - but it's being used by 1 cat at the moment - there's another 2 boys waiting introduction to the big bad world and they might be a little more robust in their climbing so additional support might be needed. But overall delighted with the product

03/23/15 | Laura

Excellent sturdy tree

I got this for my 13lb Maine Coon kitten and it is very sturdy. I think he will outgrow the cave part and he's already draping his big limbs over the platforms, but he fits the hammocks nicely :) what I like about this is that it doesn't "spread" too much. It's a compact base with a vertically-focused design and bits that don't stick out too much. The platforms are well spaced to allow my cat to climb them one at a time, like steps, to get to the top. He isn't a confident climber so this set-up is ideal. We love it!

01/23/15 | Christina, Otter, Coco and Bob

Great Cat tree which is very tall!

It arrived quickly and my three cats love it. It doesn't quite fit in our lounge as it is too tall so we had to adjust the top slightly. As a result it was not quite as sturdy as I would like but it handles my three Birmans climbing all over it with ease. The cats were slightly hesitant at first as it is very high but now they adore it. A great buy and amazing value.

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