05/10/18 | Elle
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Instructions are awful

I read the reviews about the instructions being less than useful and thought, I'll be fine. Well, I've made a total a*** of constructing this thing. The fixings provided are labelled with tiny reference numbers which I misread. Now a large bolt is stuck - totally stuck - where a small bold should have been and now I'm obviously short of a big bolt to complete the thing. The thing looks nice - but it will be useless if I can't get another bolt. Have emailed maker. Disappointed.
24/08/15 | Carol McLean
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Great Quality, but ...

The fixing screws, as mentioned in a previous review. were wrong. There should have been 3 different types of fixings... i.e. 3 of one, 3 of another and a final 3, completely different from each other. We received 6 of the large and 3 of the small, but no middle size for the base. This punctured the base, as we had to use the large fixings, due to no base screws being supplied. We called Zooplus and they told us to try and source the missing fixings from a hardware store (impossible) in the UK! However they were very good with the problem and offered us a considerable discount on the product. The only other point is that the image on the website is, as i wanted it, with the "relax" (top item) on the other side to the construction diagram instructions, which cannot be changed and my cat now has to face the wall... as opposed to looking out over the garden. Yes you can twist the top "relax" item to face another direction, but the platform below makes it impossible for the cat to get in to at this angle? Good points are... very sturdy and apart from having to puncture the base, due to the wrong fixings supplied, it appears very durable in the rain.
20/07/14 | Alison
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Not as good as it could be

I have spent several hours trying to put this together. I have bought two other indoor trees for my cats from Zooplus and would rate both 5 stars. Neither of them had great instructions but the instructions could be followed. With this unit it appears that the instructions are reversed and some of the connections shown upside down. The components of the tree are fantastic, really good quality and well made but the fixings to join it together are poor along with incorrect instructions. How it weathers in the British Climate is yet to be seen but we have had some torrential rain over the last couple of days and the rain sheets off the fabric well except for in the two enclosed houses where a wipe over with a cloth is required. If the company could look again at the fixings it provides, this it could be a 5 star product.