20/06/17 | Mirae
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Great cat tree

I have 7 Maine Coons and they all love this cat tree. I have it in the garden in the cat enclosure and it's always popular with the cats who often race to get to the best spots. I didn't find it too difficult to put together and I managed it without losing my temper once. I think it's a bit pricey but I got it in the sale which was much better. Hopefully it will last as it seems sturdy but with 7 large cats always on it, only time will tell.
24/07/16 | Pam Peterson
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Brilliant Cat Tree

Mine lives in our outdoor cat run We currently have 5 Egyptian Maus who are not permitted ro roam. They spend the majority if milder days outside however and use this cat tree consistently, it is their first choice when they go out and they ar on it all day They use it to the extent I am waiting for them to come back into stock so I can purchase a second one, we are putting together a stud house and second larger run and want the second cat tree for our stud boy to contribute to enriching his life as well as adding to his comfort We had no issue with constructing ours or the supplied fittings We are very pleased with this product and recommend without reservation
16/07/15 | Reet54
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Sturdy, quality product

Initially I had a probem with the assembly of this product and gave up after 2 hours of puzzling over it. After sleeping on the problem, I have had another attempt and E U R E K A (! ! !) I have managed to complete the assembly of the cat tree. On the diagram it is indicated that the 3 bolts used in the base have a shorter thread at one end and longer thread at the other end. This is very deceiving and incorrect. It would be great if you could add to the details on your website a 'trouble-shooting' assembly addendum. It would help your customers enormously if you could state the 3 bolts to be used on the base have an EQUAL AMOUNT OF THREAD at either end (unlike the bolts shown in the instruction sheet). For most people this would suffice I think and save a couple of hours of sweat. Apart from the drama involved in assembling this item, the product is great and just what I have been looking for for a while now. My huge Maine Coon boys had a good old rampage on it this morning. I have the indoor version, bought from yourselves, and it too is fab and able to withstand the beating up it get from big cats. Pricier than some cat trees but well worth it if you need a particularly sturdy product.
09/03/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Very popular

My cats love this tree. I've had it for a good year now and it still looks very good and I have no complaints about its condition. My cats loved lounging around on it in the summer, but they've also kept themselves busy on it during the colder months. The warmer it is, the more they use it. I never thought it would be so popular when I bought it. The material is surprisingly hydrophobic - the rain water collects like a puddle but doesn't seem to soak into the material itself. Great outdoor cat tree and looks nice too. We are very happy.
18/08/14 | ty2k
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excellent scratching post

I've been looking for a outdoor scratching post for my 7 cats i was so pleased to see this on zooplus .my cats love it and have lots of fun. i will be ordering another one as its differcult for 7 cats to share just 1 scratching post. it is alittle differcult to put together but well worth it

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