10/05/14 | Julie Haresign
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A great buy.

Only got today, but so far so good. I have 2 x 9 month old kittens who are scratching absolutely everything especially the spindles on the stairs, they do have a cat tree but that's in one place. They thankfully immediately took to this. It's sturdy but definitely needs to be against a wall when they're leaping onto it as they're very boisterous. They've already stretched to their length & still room to go. A good buy & will be buying some more to place around the house.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Great for stretching, bit wobbly though

My cats both love this post - it is tall enough for them to stretch up it full-length (though they are not particularly big cats. Might be too short for a taller one) They also like to run up it & perch on the top like a demented bird. But however much I tighten the nut on the bottom, the pole does wobble quite a bit on the base. I've tried adding a couple of metal washers between the pole & the base but that doesn't help - I will buy a couple of thicker rubber ones & see what that does. (The cats don't mind the wobble but I'm concerned it might snap suddenly sometime & fling them against the wall)
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Solution to big problem!!

This very tall post stopped both my birmans scratching on the carpet!! They really love it!!
05/05/07 | Mrs M Hatherall
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Simple but effective

This scratching post is nice and tall so my cats can have a good stretch on it as well as scratching and climbing up it. It was easy to assemble and so far is standing up to daily wear and tear. Good value for the money