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Stable and good priced

Long enough to fully strech
09/02/18 | Alison
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This is by far the best value scratcher on the market. I have 3 cats of various sizes & they all love it. It's even strong enough for fat cat to have a good scratch. Couldn't recommend it higher.
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Great scratching post

Great value scratching post. Nice and tall so my large cat can stretch her full length.
12/11/17 | Dawn Yule
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Best Scratching post!

I have a maine coon cat so she is fairly large and she can reach the length of this post and scratch away! I've had it for about 5 years and it's still going strong and it gets used daily! My cat has taken to scratching the wall on my upstairs landing so I am now going to order another one to put there too!
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Perfect Scratchpost

Strong and sturdy post, good quality and nice neutral look. Great height so cat can fully stretch up the post. Long lasting and an absolute bargain!
28/09/15 | Stephanie (Glasgow)
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Great item

This was a bargain at £10 so I didn't expect much when it arrived. Got to say I'm very impressed as are my two cats who use it daily and theres hardly any wear on it. This is by far the best, tallest and most attractive scratch post iv bought them in 11years
28/07/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Olga Cat Tree

Great scratch post. My cats love it.
25/06/15 | DD
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Really pleased with how tall and sturdy this scratcher is, my cat loves it!
06/06/15 | Nicole
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Fantastic price does the job and looks nice anywhere in the house. Would highly recommend to friends and family.
23/05/15 | Susan
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One will not be enough!

I've just ordered the cats a 3rd Olga post! They are great - tall enough for even the longest cat to get a good stretch up and scratch. The base is nice and heavy and none of them have ever tipped, however much gets thrown at them (unlike many others!). Fantastic value too.
21/02/15 | jenny
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Fantastic scratch post

Excellent scratch post and my cats can stretch full length on it. Much better than ones i've seen in shops. Sturdy and great quality. Ordered another for my mums cat too. Great service as always from Zooplus with quick delivery and well packaged. Thanks!
14/01/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Great cat tree for little money

I bought it in 2014 and I have no regrets. It's regularly used... Great value for money
14/01/15 | Penny
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great tall scratching post, instant hit and looks nice too.
15/12/14 | Mave
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Briiliant size

My 18 month old cat had 3 other scratch post none as tall as this one, he can really stand up fully to scratch his claws which hopefully will stop him scratching my kitchen wall at night time. We have this post in the living room, but transfer it at night time into the kitchen where my cat sleep in his bed. I am thinking of buying him another one so as to avoid having to move the one we have each night. I would highly recommend this post for cats, it is very good. Only one very small complaint, the base could be a bit heavier because when he jumps at the post he knocks it over. I put my foot on the base and encourage him to jumps up which he does, this gives me as well as my cat hours of fun. Excellent prices for such a tall post as well. Well done Zooplus
07/11/14 | Edna Morriss
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Just the job

Bought this 2 years ago and my cat loves it. She can stretch and have a really good scratch. It's first job when she gets up in the morning. Obviously sets her up for brekkies. She has finally broken down the sisal but it has lasted well for the amount of use it gets. Am ordering another one today.
27/09/14 | Carly
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A whopper- Great value!

Fantastic size and quality for the price, delivery was super fast too!
28/07/14 | Mary J
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love it!!!

Just received scratching post today and my cats love it, really tall and sturdy which is exactly what I needed for my adult cats, I have got various other products from zooplus which i have been really happy with.
16/05/14 | katsmum
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Really well used already!!!!

We have 3 kitten/cats aged between 8 & 19 months old and the post we have is not tall enough for the older two now. This post only arrived yesterday, and they spent most of the evening stretching and playing around and up it. Today it is sunny and I've had the door open but they still keep on coming in for a stretch and scratch!! Really pleased with the construction too.
13/05/14 | KTJD
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Great height and very well made!

Bought two of these for two cat households when on offer (though they would still be good at full price) and really impressed. Very good height for my big cat to have a full body stretch on, the base is solid and covered in a neutral faux fur and the post itself is in a hard-wearing rope...
23/02/14 | Jade
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Excellent Product

I bought the post a year ago and I'm just about to buy another. It's a great sturdy design, and has never wobbled even when my larger cat stretches on it, and allows him to stretch to full height and still have space to go. My smaller cats enjoy sitting on the top of it, and climbing up. The base is very soft. The one tiny issue is my cats tend to scratch in the same place, so the rope has broken. It would be great if you could turn the post the other way once that happens - but I guess that would mean less repeat sales! It still took a year of scratching in exactly the same place though. Highly recommended product with an excellent price, and will be back again I'm sure!