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Healthy teeth

It seems ok and probably does as good a job as the treat version, but my cat way prefers the treats!
30/10/17 | Josefine
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Good for my cat's digestion!

One of my cats have Irritable bowel disease and this supplement has helped her have much more normal digestion, really a very marked improvement. I feed her only raw venison and rabbit, and with this sprinkled on top she is having nearly normal poops... Firm and not runny at all, so it does have a general effect on the cat and not just the teeth.
23/08/17 | Lindsay
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Seems to help

I've used this for a few weeks and my old boy's breath seems a lot less pungent. I really don't want him to have to have any more teeth out so to be honest I'll use anything that helps just a little. N.B. In my experience it works with wet food.
27/04/17 | Karen
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So far so good

I have 3 cats, 2 boys 10 and 8 and 1 girl who is 4. The eldest has very bad breath but don't want to put him under anaesthetic at his age so thought I would give this a try. The boys will eat anything but my girlie is very fussy and has even turned down posh food, so wasn't sure if she would eat hers with it in. Luckily they all either can't taste it or love the taste as they don't bat an eye at dinnertime. I can't say if it works on bad breath yet as it's only been a couple of days but I will be back to comment if it saves my old man from the dentist.
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Hoping this works!

Like other reviewers, I have started using this after my vet said my cat had tartar and gingivitis. I really don't want to have him put under anaesthetic so I've started using this in this first instance. I mix it into his wet food and he gobbles it down, no problem! Hoping I see the same results as other reviewers!
18/05/12 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Plaque Off

Aucun souci d'appétence, mis sur le dessus de la nourriture, et mangé sans AUCUN problème. Question mauvaise odeur buccale, un mieux en tout cas, après 4 semaines.
30/03/12 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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My cat loves the taste and eats it with no fuss. We have been feeding this for three to four weeks and have had no problems. Definitely recommend :)
25/01/12 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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bon produit

Mon chat fait des gingivites à répétition et a moins de 2 ans, alors le vétérinaire m'a conseillé le Plaque Off. J'ai débuté le flacon il ya moins de 15 jours, et je vous donne mes premières impressions. Déja, l'appétence est bonne, même avec mon chat difficile qui est capable de ne pas manger pendant 2 jours si cela ne lui convient pas. Là aucun souci, même sur les croquettes. Pour l'effet, les crocs ont l'air légèrement moins jaunes et les gencives moins rouges. Cela reste à confirmer dans le temps.