06/02/20 | Leo
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My cat secretly consumed a whole bottle while I wasn't paying attention. But he had no discomfort and was very energetic.
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My ginger always had bad breath and was drooling a lot. There’s no way he would let me clean his teeth. Since I add this to his dinner his teeth are in a much better condition and his breath has improved.
24/11/18 | Kristyna
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Did not have too high expectations but after some time, teeth of my cat got whiter and cleaner, also no bad breath. Very recommend it!
07/09/18 | I.S.
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This is a great product. I use it for my 4 cats and their teeth are really healthy, the vet approves!
22/04/18 | justine
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i dose work

i bin useing this for 8 weeks now and it realy dose work just hang in there for results, thumbs up from me :)
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works well for our elderly cat with poor teeth. even the vet impressed with condition of his teeth now!
14/11/17 | JT
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Great results

Been using this product for around 6 months, bought it as my partner is forever whinging about the dogs breath being smelly. I personally haven't noticed a difference in his breath but his teeth are perfectly white, the vet was very impressed with their condition.
09/11/17 | Miriam
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Plaque off

Start putting plaque off in my cats food 7 weeks ago her bad breath is gone and her teeth or looking great thank u zooplus
28/10/17 | Amy Millward
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Works very well.

I would say it takes six weeks before i noticed a difference, but it certainly worked!
25/07/17 | zoe
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put it in dry food only

I made a mistake by mixing it into wet food and I have to re review it! The plaques on her back teeth are almost gone after a week!! It only works on dry food cos to it rubs off plaques while chewing. My vet suggests a dry food diet with this product. And stating unless she has urinal problems I shouldnt feed her wet only.
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Great stuff. Well worth it.

Got this for one of my cats who had a bit of gingevitus last annual check up. I had him on oral care dry food but it didn't seem to be working and it made no sense that he had problem teeth when he prefers dry food and chews it and his brother has white teeth and he wolfs his food down! I changed their diet to grain free and added this to his wet food every morning and he's enjoying his food more and had no sign of gingevitus last check up. A great product.
01/11/16 | Lin
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It really does work

I started using this after my vet had to give my 6 year old a major dental including extractions. It was recommended that I use a liquid in his water but as I use a fountain it was clogging it up. I was then told my old girl would soon need a dental as she had inflammation and tartar. I saw this and have been using it for about 8 weeks and the vet has seen both cats and commended on their improvement. They have it stirred in food and take it easy.
15/08/15 | Philip from London
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Purely natural product that does work......great stuff!!!

I use this and my cat Blakey Baby had no smelly breath within 4 weeks. In a couple of months all plaque and Tartar had gone. Even the tiny bit of gingivitis had gone around one of his upper right back teeth. I took him to the vets recently and she said keep using it as a preventative. Another great product from Zooplus!!!!
12/09/14 | Kerry
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Would recommend!

I have a 14 year old cat. He had bad build up of plaque on all his teeth, including his canines. He had bad breath and red gums. I was unwilling to put him through an anaesthetic to have his teeth cleaned as he was eating ok so tried this. I put it on his breakfast and he always eats it with no problems - and he is a fussy cat! Four weeks in and he has no smelly breath, his gums look less red and there seems to be a bit less plaque! Pleased so far, and so I am using it with our younger cat too as a preventative.
14/05/14 | Sarah
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Amazing results

At my cat's annual check up, the vet showed me a build up of yellow plaque on my cat's back teeth. The vet said that if it continues to build up, she would need to have her teeth cleaned under anesthetic. I read the reviews of this product here and decided to give it a go. My cat is very fusy about her food, but I found that if I added a scoop into the pouch of food and mixed it in, she didn't know the difference. Just over a week later and the plaque has almost gone! Her breath smells a lot better, and I can't believe it has worked so well. It's not a huge pot, but the scoop provided is also small, so it's going to last a while and well worth the money. Has certainly saved an expensive vet bill!
28/05/13 | Sylvie's Slave
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Excellent product

I started giving Sylvie Proden 2 years ago when she was 2 years old. She had a small amount of yellowing on her back teeth and I wanted to prevent any further tar build up. Now there is no sign of any yellow - her teeth are sparkling white! She has a little in every bowl of food and has got quite used to it. Advice to others beginning with this product would be to introduce it slowly. I'm very pleased I found it and recommend it as a regular teeth cleaner - unless you can manage to brush your cat's teeth daily!
26/04/13 | Cernunnas
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I bought this along with some dental care snacks, and I can already see the difference after roughly a week. His breath is not as bad now and his gums are slightly less red. Recommended!
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it works

we have 2 bengals who both had gum/teeth problems. been using this for about 6 months now & there's a decrease in their bad breath & the vet has commented on less inflamed gums & ease of tartar removal on both of them. they won't eat it in with their food so i have to sneak it inside the soft, stick type treats that you can buy. gulp & it's gone! would definitely recommend.
09/11/12 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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ils n'aiment pas

raté pour moi, ils n'aiment pas......Il va falloir que je sois astucieuse pour leur faire avaler discrètement....
06/08/12 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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My cat loves it and is even waiting for me to add it to his bowl in the mornings. I noticed that his gums are less red and the breath is much better.