12/11/21 | Mary Lennon

Heat pads

These pads are brilliant. I put them extra covered in a soft towel & my cats Love them particularly the older cats.
01/17/21 | Shirley Ward

Shirley Ward Cosy Happy Cats!

These are wonderful and my indoor cats love them. No need to leave electric blankets on or the central heating when I go out! All is calm peaceful and welcoming when I return home. Thank you!.
01/05/21 | Amalia

Excellent purchase

My cats loved it. It took them a while to approach but now they are sleeping peacefully on their pads! Happy cats, happy mommy!!!
05/14/20 | Richard

Warm Nights.

Yes, it's hard as a rock but a couple of layers between it and the kitty and it's bed time bliss for sure. Maintains the heat and really takes the worry away regarding Winter temperatures. The paw print cover is lovely as an aesthetic add-on to a reliable product. It's going to last forever and it's certainly good value here on Zooplus, I've seen it costing almost 30 Euro elsewhere. If you are anxious about keeping your furry friend warm, it's a great buy!


Does exactly what it says it does ,brought this for my rabbit and Guinea Pig to keep them warm in the winter and they both love it Very easy to use and easy to keep clean Would highly recommended it

No complaints from cosy cats.

I have 2 feral cats so they are out in all weathers. They have a wooden house and this pad keeps it nice and snugly for them whatever the weather. It is rock hard but a few layers of fleece does the job and helps retain heat. Often it is difficult to tempt them out as it is so cosy.
03/01/18 | Jill Robinson

snuggle safe heat pads

I have 3 of these which I use for our stable cats they stay warmer for longer than 10hrs, a brilliant item and I don't have to worry about keeping the cats warm and not cause a fire

A real must have item.

This comforter stays warm for much longer than any human equivalent product I’ve had, without being too hot when first heated. The warmth makes the cat bed a cosy inviting place and helps kittens in their early days away from Mum.
12/26/17 | Alison

Very handy to have in

I have three of these and they are brilliant. I heat them up for any puppies I have and they last at least six hours. Handy to have if you haven’t got a heat pad. I would definitely recommend these heat discs.
12/07/17 | Anna

Keeps warm all night!

This thing is just brilliant. We have had it for a couple of years now. We have no central heating in the kitchen diner where our little girl sleeps, and she's a sphynx (yes, I know, we have no choice as my husband is allergic to her). Yes it's rock hard, but we lay a thermal heat reflective blanket under it in her igloo, then blankets so she is on a soft surface, and top with a snuggle bag inside the igloo, and the cat refuses to come out in the morning! Still warm at 10am I kid you not!
05/15/17 | Otto Schmorgle

Excellent product

We have two feral cats who sleep on our screened in porch.In New Jersey the weather can get into single digits with a nasty wind chill. We bought four Snugglesafes and use them all winter. I built an insulated shelter, put straw on the bottom and put two heaters in under a thin blanket. We heat them for 6 minutes and they stay warm for at least ten hours. We love this product.

The best present you can buy for your cat or any pet

My rescue cats love their heat pads, I've used them for years. Just heat the pad in the microwave for 6 minutes and it stays warm for hours. I just slide the pad under the cat's blanket or towel (wherever they like to sleep at home) and the heat pad keeps the cat cosy for hours. I use them every day. I heat the pads every morning and then in the evening at bedtime. They are addicted!
02/10/17 | Carol

So useful

This is a must have item for young puppies. Ideal for taking them to the vets. Also my adult dogs love to snuggle up to it on cold winter nights and days too. They seem to know when It's in the microwave and can't wait for me to put it under their bed!

OAP Guinea Pigs

My Guinea pigs live in a shed over the winter and as soon as the temperature drops, and also because they are about to turn 6, I use this heat pad. I don't use the cover as this would get soiled very quickly, but instead wrap it in newspaper (as it is very hot) and place it under their bedding. They are toasty warm all night long and they can stay in their hutch where they are most happy.

my old cat

I love this a lot .. my cat took a bit of time to get used to it Ii stared putting it under his blanket worked better but him and I found it very hard
02/01/16 | Margaret Campbell

Excellent product

My cat loves Snuggle Safe. Me too, I keep stealing it off him during the night. It should be marketed for humans too. It's far better than a hot water bottle.
12/02/15 | nta16

Very good

This is very good as it works very well - how long the heat lasts has too many variables unless the animal sleeps on it inside its cover then I'd say it would last up to 8 hours as another reviewer has put and it might last longer, our cat has yet to spend that long on it yet. Follow the instructions (with product) and it performs as promised. Very good for our cat at least.

Good product.

An amazing product, safer than a hot water bottle! would be lost without this in the winter, 6 minutes in the microwave and wrapped up it stays warm for hours, welcome in the cold weather, cat snuggles up on top of it as soon as its placed under her, the cover can be washed easily, a good investment
05/04/15 | A Hoynes

Great little warmer

This is a great product, it lasts all night. Used for both taking very young puppies to Vets and to keep puppy comfortable on cooler nights. Would be useful for older dogs too on cooler nights.
03/16/15 | L-J


I got this for my jackahuahua pup who is tiny...she's had it for a few weeks now. She sleeps in her bed (rather than on me...so its much better for teaching her to spend time by herself in her den rather than being clingy to me). Its great to know that during the night she is warm. Before I got this I used a microwaved wheatie heatie under a fleece blanket, but still had to cover her over with the blanket when asleep. Now she runs into bed when she's tired and since 11weeks of age - when I say "into bed" when I see she's really tired she does so ( I credit this product). The best thing I've bought for her. Can't speak more highly of it. 5 stars*****

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