04/03/18 | Sondra
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Great Price

Amazing price for such a nifty little product! I bought one to use for water for my two small dogs as I find that a lot of dust and food bits from their beards end up floating in their usual open water bowl. This dispenser keeps the water fresh and free from dust allowing an easy flow of water from the dispenser. They haven't knocked it over yet but I'm thinking a thick elastic band would do the job of keeping it in place.
30/10/15 | Gemma
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ok for price

The food didn't refill without being shaken so was left empty, my cat would just push the food compartment off either intentionally or while eating and create a huge mess! Food everywhere... Maybe better for different animals but the parts could do with being screwed together
08/03/15 | Sahira
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good product

This is a good product does the job you need it to do, I ordered two one for water and one for dry food.
19/06/14 | sam
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fab price and easy to use, although my cat has a habbit of nocking the thing over!!!
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trixie water and food dispenser

brilliant, never been dissapointed in zooplus or the trixie range. Pets love it, happy days.
05/08/13 | mel
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got this as a free gift , im using it in 1 of my catterys , and its perfect very happy with it , so much so im going to buy some more, as id brought some off ebay and nothing comes upto this, my persian cats love it thank you zooplus
03/08/13 | Sara Herrera
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Great product

I honestly don't know what people are complaining about. If they find it tricky to do, they must be doing it really wrong! I'm currently using two of them, one for water and one for food. While it's true that the food gets a bit stuck, my cat quickly learnt to stick his paw inside and food will come down again! It's a really good product at bargain price.
15/02/13 | Peter
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Rabbit happy

This has made my rabbit happy. I stand it on a plastic box outside his cage, and push the water dish between the bars. If your cage bars are to close then hacksaw one out to make room. Using it this way, the rabbit can not knock it over, or kick the water container, which would make it leak. As it will be about 7" above floor level, it means the rabbit has to reach up to drink, but it is a far more natural way for the rabbit to lap up the water, than for it to have to get it from a tube, the method most pet shops offer. and the water stays clean. By fitting the top on tight first, tilting it back so as to fill it under the tap through the bottom, you can fill it to within 1" of full
07/09/12 | Pet Lover
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Great for water

I bought the smaller one of these for my guinea pigs run as they kept tipping over a normal bowl. This is very easy to fill and use. My piggies haven't managed to tip it over even though they have tried. 5 stars
30/10/11 | Heidi
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used for water

I brought 2 of these for the rabbits and they are brilliant. I have no problems filling them, I dont spill any water at all most of the time now. As long as the top is the right way round, my dad found that one out!
01/08/11 | Gillian
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Great for water

easy to fill with water and there is 3 days supply for one cat. Food gets stuck so I just leave a large bowl of kibble.
25/08/10 | Viv h.
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excellent product

I have the large one of the 2 sizes, is fine for water, I have had no problems filling it (upside down for those who aren't sure!) pop the dish part on and then flip it over. No leaks, No problem. Not using it for food but my 3 cats use this fine. Lasts a couple of days before need to refill. really good value I think.
16/08/10 | Allen Tipton
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Water Mess Saver

We now have 4 of these and will send for one more. For several years our Cairn who is diabetic & losing the sight in one eye, has oushed her normal bowl causing pools of water on the kitchen floor. Not even putting it in a large roasting tin & using absorbant mats made her stop! ONE Dog Fountain in the kitchen has done just this. No more pools on the tiles. And she loves the others outside. So do I as I now have only to fill them once a day! Allen Tipton
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Good but smaller than expected

I got this for my toy poodle as he has a tendency to upturn his regular water bowl. I bought the small size. The amount of liquid it can hold is great, but I found the drinking area is very small. If I was buying again, I would go for the larger size. I don't think either size would be big enough for a medium to large dog. I found it easy enough to fill, just fill upturned reservoir to the rim, place tray/bowl on top and turn it upright slowly. Works every time.
14/10/09 | Carr
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Does what it says on the tin!

I bought this for my two kittens and it works great. You have to be quick to flip it over (the first time the water went everywhere!) and I've started filling it with mostly ice cubes to stop the water stagnating which seems to be working well.
11/04/09 | Debbie Bennett
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Easy to use!

Easier to use than some of the reviews may lead to believe - simply turn the filled container upside down, put the dish on top and tip back the right way up. My cats are very happy to eat & drink from these dispensers so I recommend.
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Water Dispenser

This works on the same principle as a water feeder you would use for a budgie, it's a great invention but a little trickier to fill, I found filling the container to the rim then while holding the full container upside down, placing the base on with the tray the cats will drink from facing toward you, then slowly tilting away from you so that the tray is facing up before leveling out, allows the water to fill slowly into the tray without spilling, my kittens love it so it's worth the patience and practice to master filling it.
08/11/08 | Sabina Jardine
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Ingenious Product

Works a charm and the kittens took to it rigt away! Just fill it up while holding it upside down, press the base in to place and then turn it the right way up! Voila!
27/10/08 | Caroline
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Clever product!

This does exactly what it's supposed to, nice design and doesn't take up much room. I bought it for my persian kittens as they tend to dip their whole face into the water. This is ideal as it only lets out a shallow pool of water at any one time but will provide them with enough water throughout the day! With a little pratice it's easy to fill (turn upside down) without spilling!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Best thing I've ever bought!

I love this! It has the advantages of both a bowl and water bottle. It is easy to clean, fill up and does not take up much space at all!