14/12/12 | Claire
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Good Dog Crate

I bought this cage for my 7 month old dog. He is half German Shepherd and half Australian Cattle Dog. It's a good cage, but my only criticism would be that I don't consider it a ''Large'' cage, even though I bought it in the Large size. I would say it's a fairly spacious Medium, and I would advise you to buy this cage in a size up. For example if you have a German Shepherd don't get the large size, get the XL. Because my German Shepherd cross isn't even fully grown yet and he can't sit straight up in it. He has to duck his head a bit. But it's okay for me, because I only put him in it at dinner time (due to his begging) he doesn't spend much time in it and it works fine as a bed with some blankets and a pet bed inside. So I would say definitely Large is not big enough for a large breed like a GSD or Labrador. But it would be find for Beagles, Staffies, and the like. The ceiling was just a bit to low for a Large size, however the length and width are not bad. It's also really easy to put together, and has a size and front opening. All though the front opening isn't suitable for my dog because he has to duck quite low to get in due to the opening not being as tall as the cage itself (which isn't very tall). So good cage, but medium not large.