19/04/18 | Sister Marika Rebicsek
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Dog much happier with this size

Got an over-anxious miniature poodle recovering from major shoulder repair surgery – big vet hospital told me crate him for 8 wks as previous surgery failed. He hated my old 78 cm crate I had for a smaller dog. Lot cheaper than shops. Lovely cage, 109 cm, very easy to set up. Put a giant dog bed in it. Settled v well. Can now leave him to cook and do things. We both happier, can get in it myself too! Can leave food and drink with him. Very glad I bought this. Thank you!
26/11/17 | Kelly
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"I LOVE MY NEW CAGE!" Ava, Frenchie from London

This is a great quality strong cage and comes complete with a soft cosy cushion that our Frenchie absolutely loves! We purchased the small cage which is perfect for our Ava (please refer to image uploaded) I would highly recommend !! ...
23/10/17 | Simon Griffin
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Fantastic Product! 100% impressed

The crate arrived and was quickly assembled and ready for use. It's sturdy, well finished and very reassuringly made. I have no qualms about recommending it and although initially apprehensive about the metal base, I'm 100% satisfied with the product, so impressed, in fact, I bought 2! The cushion is superb, comfy, supportive, but neither hard or soft and fits the crate perfectly. All in, worth every penny.
30/09/17 | Mickey
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Happy with it.

Good quality for the price.
26/08/17 | Min of the minx
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Great cage better catches than most others

I brought 3 of these in XL for (Labrador and German Shepherds) great cages especially the catch as they have hooks on the end instead of just a sliding bolt. If they didn't a few barges and they would be out (which is known from experience on other cages!) Will be coming back for 3 more shortly for the remainder of the pack!
18/06/16 | Diana Fleming
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Sturdy with a metal base..

Just one complaint: the cage comes folded flat. You have to unhook and pull various bits to set it up. For the mechanically disinclined such as myself, instructions help a LOT. The instructions were INSIDE the cage, at the very bottom, so that the only way to get them out was to completely erect the cage...grrr. Otherwise, an excellect product. I got the large size which is nice and roomy for a full grown basset hound. The roof also nicely supports two cats who can sit and tease the basset.
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Size M

I bought this crate for my cockapoo puppy, believing a medium would last even as she reaches full adult size as she is expected to be no bigger than a toy poodle. I was very happy with the size when the product arrived. It is also quick and easy to assemble, sturdy and fits her medium pet bed perfectly without any extra room. I am very happy with this product so far and would definitely recommend it to others.
10/09/14 | Jo Collier
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Good value

We got this crate to help tame a part feral kitten, it was delivered in a huge box flat packed, it took us a few minutes to work out how to open it out as the instructions were in side the crate! A nice roomy cage (we got a large) just a bit rattly with a kitten climbing it. Good calue for the cost of it.
08/06/14 | Sarah
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Metal Tray - Hurray!!!

Brilliant cages. They have a sturdy Metal tray instead of the usual plastic trays that inevitably splits or can be chewed. Well made and great value.
02/07/13 | Janette
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Springer spaniel 1 year old

My springers use crates as their bed. I purchased this crate last year and am about to purchase another for my 7 month old springer. The crates are under the stairs, they are only locked in them at night to prevent naughty chewing and when they need to be safe. Great for training and for holidays. The crates are much stronger than they look. Easy to put up and down and excellent value for money.
14/12/12 | Claire
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Good Crate

I bought this cage for my 7 month old dog. He is half German Shepherd and half Australian Cattle Dog. It's a good cage, but my only criticism would be that I don't consider it a ''Large'' cage, even though I bought it in the Large size. I would say it's a fairly spacious Medium, and I would advise you to buy this cage in a size up. For example if you have a German Shepherd don't get the large size, get the XL. Because my German Shepherd cross isn't even fully grown yet and he can't sit straight up in it. He has to duck his head a bit. But it's okay for me, because I only put him in it at dinner time (due to his begging) he doesn't spend much time in it and it works fine as a bed with some blankets and a pet bed inside. So I would say definitely Large is not big enough for a large breed like a GSD or Labrador. But it would be fine for Beagles, Staffies, and the like. The ceiling was just a bit too low for a Large size, however the length and width are not bad. It's also really easy to put together, and has a size and front opening. All though the front opening isn't suitable for my dog because he has to duck quite low to get in due to the opening not being as tall as the cage itself (which isn't very tall). So good cage, but medium not large.
08/09/12 | sarah
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Really good product

We actually brought this crate for my cat, he broke his leg and had to be kept in cage rest for 4 weeks! The cat wasn't best pleased but the crate was a good price for the quality, its sturdy and folds pretty flat. The double doors makes it easy to access both the cat/litter tray/food etc. You would need to put a blanket down as the metal base is cold and noise with claws clicking!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Excellent crate

I have been using this crate for 2 months and I have now ordered another as I have 2 miniature schnauzers. I am very impressed, easy to assemble, easy to clean, sturdy and perfectly suitable for a crate of this standard.
28/09/11 | Haidi
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Great Value!

Great buy and excellent value for money. It's not the strongest cage you've ever seen but it is perfectly adequate for what we want it for. Our 15 month Alsatian/Husky cross has plenty of room to move around and her bed fits inside too. It means we don't come home to one of my best shoes all chewed!She has chewed the flimsy carry handle but it's not required for what we want it for. We're yet to try it out on our camping trips, but we're pretty sure it will be suitable to make sure she doesn't run off and get lost. The double door is also a plus - it increases the options of where to place. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending it people wanting a cage on a budget.
01/07/11 | Caroline
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My daughter saw this cage whilst doing a list of things she needed for her new puppy. We checked the size against one we saw in a pet shop and the smallest was slightly larger than the shops. It arrived promptly with all her other goods and took about 2 minutes to put up and take back down. Looks fantastic too. Two doors ideal for when it is in the car with luggage that could block one doorway, can't wait for pup to come home now.
26/10/10 | Ella
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Excellent Crate! Folds down with ease for transport too!

Best dog crate I have had. I love the double door feature, as well as the fact it folds down so easily. Easy to keep clean and very secure with my Kerry Blue puppy. I love how it looks as well, and its very roomy. Both of my dogs love to play in it and they don't find it claustrophobic at all, unlike my plastic crate which is more enclosed. Highly recommended and excellent value for money!
24/04/09 | norman
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its good offers

i saw your web its nice.i have got bull fdog half year old.but confused whichone is best.can you guied me thanks bye.
10/03/08 | tom S
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quality product

Excellent cage. very sturdy and easy to open up and collapse again when not in use. No issues with the pup going into it either. Delivered on time and excellent value for money
12/12/07 | Lynn
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Sturdy Cage, Excellent Value for money

This cage is very well built and is easy to assemble and to fold down flat when not in use. The two doors, one on the side and one on the front of the cage, make it very versatile. Excellent value for money. Highly recommended.