04/08/21 | Arthur Guinness
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

I fight with claws and paws every time

I’m a dastardly handsome domestic shorthair Tom, only 2 and slim but still the openings are small. I can use all my might and push to make it as difficult as possIble to be put in there. One stuck inside I just plan my next move. Don’t really enjoy it. Too small for me to change position, stretch or curl properly. Can get head rubs thru mesh which is tolerable. One good thing is pockets for my treats. This stank of plastic gas when it arrived. Still does kinda. It might improve if I wee on it.
07/11/16 | Kerry
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5


I find this a great carrier for my 3kg chihuahua for when I'm out on the road on my scooter and when she gets tired after a long walk. It is comfortable to wear. I have worn this as a front carrier too with the mesh hood clipped back so she can do what she does best and be nosey 😊 I would of given it a 5* if 1) the front panel was ridged to make it more secure. 2) even though there is an attachment to connect to their collars it is a concern as I feel a dog could attempt to jump out and seriously hurt themselves so that needs to be stitched in lower. 3) the hood protecter that goes over the top if it rains etc is so tight so, quite a struggle when trying to do it and the press studs to keep it in place are in the wrong place (far too low). Finally my chi managed to open up the zips while out on a walk 😮 luckily I was with my friend who spotted what she was doing. This really should not be able to happen unless they are opened from the outside?! Due to this I now used a piece of elastic to tie them shut.